Kia dealers are happiest, Honda dealers are the unhappiest: Dealership survey

Kia is one the most recent automotive manufacturers to enter the Indian market. Despite that, it has been one of the most successful manufacturers. According to a survey conducted by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), it was revealed that Kia’s dealerships are the happiest in the country. The most unhappy dealerships were of Honda.

Kia dealers are happiest, Honda dealers are the unhappiest: Dealership survey

After Kia Motors, there is MG Motor which is also one of the recent entrants in the Indian market. Both the manufacturers have given special attention to their dealerships ensuring that they are also happy. Kia Motors received 879 points out of 1000 whereas MG Motors got 778 out of 1000. Then on the list is Toyota which also scored identical 778 points.

Renault was in the fourth position with 767 points and Tata Motors was in the fifth position, having 729 points. Hyundai scored 711 points and took the sixth position whereas Maruti Suzuki got 699 points. Then there was Mahindra and Ford with 687 and 669 points respectively. At the last position was Honda with just 562 points which are quite less when compared to any other automobile manufacturer.

Kia dealers are happiest, Honda dealers are the unhappiest: Dealership survey

FADA says that dealers have an effect of 27 percent on Business Viability. Dealers are the ones who spends one of the highest times with the product. They have to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of quality and range. So, it is important to continuously update the product. You might have read a recent story in which a Ford Aspire owner cancelled its booking of the Ford Ecosport because the dealer was not able to give a proper explanation regarding Ford exiting the Indian market.


Kia currently has only three models on sale in India. The most affordable and the most recent launch is the Sonet which is a compact SUV. They also have the Carnival premium MPV which was a surprise launch as premium MPVs don’t really sell well but Kia proved us wrong. Kia’s first product and the most successful one is the Seltos. It is a mid-size SUV that dethroned the Creta from its top position when it was first launched.

Upcoming launch

Kia dealers are happiest, Honda dealers are the unhappiest: Dealership survey

We know that Kia is working on a new MPV which has been codenamed KY. It is expected to share its platform with the Seltos. The design of the KY will be different from other MPVs. It will not look like your typical MPV. It is a similar approach that Maruti Suzuki did with the XL6. It will have a very modern look and will measure 4.5 metres in length. The KY is expected to be priced between the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Innova Crysta. Some regular people do not want to buy the Ertiga because it is too common and looks like a proper MPV and they cannot afford the Innova Crysta because it costs a bit too much. The Ertiga starts at Rs. 7.81 lakhs ex-showroom whereas the Toyota Innova Crysta starts at Rs 16.52 lakhs ex-showroom. So, there is a window of opportunity here for Kia. The KY should get unveiled by the end of this year.


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