Kia Motors’ advice to keep your Seltos & Carnival in top shape during the Corona Lockdown [Video]

We are all aware of the current situation in the country. The country is currently going through a lockdown and most of us are working from home. What this also means is that most of us are not driving our cars during this period. Some of us are aware about what all things need to be done to your if your car is not being used for such a long period of time. For those who are still not that aware about this procedure, no need to worry. Kia Motors has come up with a video that list all the things need to be done to keep the Seltos and Carnival in top shape.

First thing on the list is the battery. It is a very crucial part of the car. If the car is stationery for a while there are chances that the charge in the battery might drain. in order to avoid that situation Kia has advised its customers to maintain the battery life by running the engine once in every 7 days for 10 mins. Next is the hand brake or the parking brake. As we are not using the car on a regular basis or is stationary for a long time there is possibility that the hand brake might get a bit difficult to release. It is however recommended to release the hand brake and put the manual car in first or reverse gear and the automatic cars in P mode to avoid any difficulties.

The video also suggests to move the car forward or backward once in every 7 days to avoid a flat tyre. Similarly the Air conditioning system of the car should also be turned on for 10 minutes every 14 days. Last is the cleaning process. The video asks to cover the car and avoid parking under trees. It also recommends cleaning the exterior of the car once in every three days. All these things would help keep the car in top shape during the Corona virus lock down.

Kia Motors’ advice to keep your Seltos & Carnival in top shape during the Corona Lockdown [Video]

These instructions given by Kia Motors is not just applicable on Kia cars. These tips are applicable for cars from other brands too. Cars are likely to lose battery charge standing still thanks to the lockdown. Knowing how to jump start cars if the battery is dead is something all car owners need to know. Also, moving the car a bit within the parking lot is a good idea to ensure that the tyres don’t develop flat spots.