Kia Motors repairs the Sonet that the dealer crashed in 4 days flat: Gives extended warranty for free

By Shantonil Nag

A few days ago the owner of Kia Sonet from Odisha reported that his car got damaged by the service centre officials. Kia Motors repaired the car in four days and handed the Sonet to the customer. They have also extended the warranty of the Sonet.

The customer says that the Kia Sonet repair only took four days. The initial pictures of the accident showed immense damages to the vehicle’s front end including the bumper, grille and fender. The mechanical parts like the radiator got damaged too. Kia Motors service centre did a quick job of repairing the vehicle.

The owner said that he is satisfied with the result. He also confirmed that the vehicle feels like it was before the accident. Initially, Kia Motors dealership said that it won’t repair the car without the insurance. However, after the persuannce of the owner, they repaired it for free without claiming the insurance.

Sonet crashed by the dealership

The owner took the car for a regular service at authorised Kia Motors service centre. After completing the service, an employee of the service centre was moving the car around to set it up for wheel alignment. The owner was waiting with the family for the final work on the Sonet.

The employee did not seem to be very well-versed with driving an automobile. The owner says that he sat in the car and crashed straight into the pillar of the wheel alignment system.

The pictures show that the Kia Sonet is heavily damaged. The front bumper is completely gone while the grille is also not on the car. Even the fender is bent and it semes like a severe crash. There are no CCTV footage of the crash. However, the pictures are moments after the crash happened. Even the radiator frame is bent while the front doors are not opening at all.

The service centre says that they had a word with Kia Motors and Kia has refused to replace the car citing that the damages are not so extreme in this customer’s model compared to the accident that happened in Jaipur.

Jaipur owner is yet to get his car back

A similar incident happened in Jaipur, Rajasthan a weeks ago. The accident happened due to poor negligence of the service centre at Rajesh Motors. Agarwal gave his car for scheduled service at Rajesh Kia Motors Service Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan on 17th November 2022. Jalaj was expecting to get his car back post service but he instead got a call saying that his vehicle got involved in a massive crash. The service centre officials told the owner they were out on a post-service test drive and collided with a cow. When the manager of the service centre sent pictures of the damaged vehicle to Agarwal, he found out that the front-end was of the vehicle was completely damaged and mangled.

When Agarwal reached the service centre, the manager changed his version of the story. He said that the accident happened when a car cleaner drove the vehicle and crashed it into a wall within the service centre.

When the customer asked to view the CCTV footage, after reluctance, they showed the video. In the footage, it is clearly visible that the service centre staff manhandled the vehicle. The service centre has been asking the customer to claim his insurance so that they could repair his car.