Kia Motors replaces customer’s Sonet with a new one after dealer staff crashes the car [Video]

Days after a video of a Kia Motors service centre crashing a Sonet of a customer inside the service centre became viral, the customer received a brand-new car. Jalaj Agarwal has updated that Rajesh Kia Motors will replace his old one with exactly the same variant of the Kia Sonet. Jalaj is yet to receive the new replacement model.

Jalaj updated on Twitter that Rajesh Motors has promised to get him a new car. However, he did not mention any terms and conditions for the same. In most such cases, it is the customer that bears the brunt of the insurance and registration. Since Jalaj is yet to receive the car, we cannot confirm the details.

The owner of the car has also not updated any timeline that the Kia Motors dealership will follow to give the new car.

How did the accident happen?

The accident happened due to poor negligence of the service centre at Rajesh Motors. Agarwal gave his car for scheduled service at Rajesh Kia Motors Service Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan on 17th November 2022. Jalaj was expecting to get his car back post service but he instead got a call saying that his vehicle got involved in a massive crash. The service centre officials told the owner they were out on a post-service test drive and collided with a cow. When the manager of the service centre sent pictures of the damaged vehicle to Agarwal, he found out that the front-end was of the vehicle was completely damaged and mangled.

When Agarwal reached the service centre, the manager changed his version of the story. He said that the accident happened when a car cleaner drove the vehicle and crashed it into a wall within the service centre.

When the customer asked to view the CCTV footage, after reluctance, they showed the video. In the footage, it is clearly visible that the service centre staff manhandled the vehicle. The service centre has been asking the customer to claim his insurance so that they could repair his car.

Not the first such incident

Accidents caused by service centres are not new. We have seen similar accidents in the past too. However, in most cases, the dealerships force the customers to take insurance claims and repair the car. Even in this case, Kia Motors dealership initially asked Jalaj Agarwal to claim the insurance and repair the car. However, with the help of social media, Jalaj was able to gather strong support and get a new car instead.

Since the vehicle is yet to be delivered, we would not comment much on the matter. It might take weeks before Jalaj gets a new car from Kia Motors due to the long waiting period.

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