Kia Seltos: 5 things you should know about it!

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Kia will launch the all-new Seltos in the Indian market soon. The car was officially unveiled in India and also partially revealed the features of the car that will be launched in India. Kia Seltos will go against the likes of Hyundai Creta and Tata Harrier in the Indian market and is expected to create quite a few ripples. Kia is known world-over for its features and extremely well-appreciated for its fit and finish. Here are five things that will surprise you in the Kia Seltos.

3 engines, 4 transmissions

Kia Seltos: 5 things you should know about it!

The number of engine options is generally higher than the number of engine options in the Indian car model. However, it is not the same with Seltos. Kia will offer three engine options with the Seltos. There will be a 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel, 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol and a high-performance 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine. With the three options, Kia will offer a total of 4 transmission options. There will be a 6-speed manual option and the other three will be automatics. There will be a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) automatic, an Intelligent Variable Transmission and a torque-convertor transmission. It can be expected that Kia will offer a wide range of variants with a combination of 3 engines and 4 transmissions.

Automatic with Terrain Response System

Kia Seltos: 5 things you should know about it!

The Kia Seltos will offer a range of driving modes and a terrain response system. While the driving modes are common in the Tata cars, earlier this year Tata started offering the Terrain Response System with the Harrier. It was the first 2WD to get it. However, the Harrier is only available with a manual transmission. Kia Seltos will offer a similar Terrain Response System that will make use of the traction control system, brake assist system, stability control management, and other such features to offer maximum traction in different situations. It will get the mud, wet, and sand modes.

First affordable car to offer HUD

Kia Seltos: 5 things you should know about it!
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The Kia Seltos will be the first car below the Rs 20 lakh mark to offer a Heads-Up Display. The Seltos will get the feature that will allow the driver to see the vital information about the car including the speed right on the windscreen. Such a feature has always been available exclusively with the high-end cars in the Indian market. However, the Seltos will take the competition to the next level with such features in a mass segment car.

Will give birth the all-new Hyundai Creta

Kia Seltos: 5 things you should know about it!

Kia Seltos is built on a new platform that will also become the base of the all-new Hyundai Creta. The all-new car will be launched in the Indian market next year will get a similar platform and exactly the same engines when it launches in the Indian market. Both cars may also share a lot of features too. However, looks-wise, they are expected to remain distinctive from each other.

An aggressive price

Kia Seltos: 5 things you should know about it!

According to our sources, the Seltos will carry an extremely aggressive price tag on it when launched. The base model of the Kia Seltos may get a price tag of Rs 11.5-12 lakh, ex-showroom. This will be a couple of lakhs more expensive than the Hyundai Creta but Kia will offer a lot more. The top-end GT Line high-performance variant of the Seltos is expected to carry a price tag of around Rs 17 lakh, which would be exceptional in the segment.