Kia Seltos Automatic running on CNG: Beat the fuel price hike

Rising fuel price is an issue that most of us are facing currently. There are various factors behind the price rise but, people have now started considering alternate options like CNG and electric vehicles.  CNG vehicles became popular as they have a low cost of running when compared to a petrol or a diesel engine car. Electric vehicles are also picking speed in terms of sales. There are car manufacturers that offer CNG fuel option from factory and there are some who don’t. For those cars which do not get CNG option, there are always aftermarket solutions available. Here we have video of a Kia Seltos owner who shares his experience with the Kia Seltos automatic after installing a CNG kit in it.

The video has been uploaded by MOTOREAL on their YouTube channel. In this video, owner of a Kia Seltos top-end model shares his experience with the SUV after installing a CNG kit in it. The owner mentions that it costed him around Rs 48,000 to install the aftermarket CNG kit.

The gas cylinder has been installed in the boot and there is a partition to keep things things away from the cylinder itself. The owner had initially planned to buy Kia Sonet but, when he visited the dealership, Seltos appealed more to him and that is why he decided to buy the Seltos. He bought the petrol IVT version and said he is starting to prefer automatic over manual especially for city drives.

After installing the CNG kit, there is only a minor dip in the performance. The owner said many people won’t even notice that. The cylinder installed in this Seltos can hold upto 9 kgs of CNG and can go for 150 kms with AC turned on in summers. The fuel efficiency will increase during winter season as the usage of Air-conditioner is less. He said, he is pretty satisfied with the decision and is proving to be a pocket friendly decision as well.

Kia Seltos Automatic running on CNG: Beat the fuel price hike

Vlogger drives the Seltos and mentions that the power delivery in the Seltos IVT after installing CNG feels linear and it does not feel like the car is struggling. The owner recommended that people who are fed up with rising fuel prices can install an aftermarket CNG kit on their cars. Video also shows the indicator showing gas level in the cylinder. The driver can switch between petrol and CNG whenever he wants.

There are several CNG kit installing shops in different parts of the country. A person who is planning to install an aftermarket CNG Kit should prefer a vendor who is installing RTO approved kits. Installing a CNG on a new vehicle will also take away the warranty of your car. Kia Seltos is available with three engine options and a variety of transmission. The 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine is available with an IVT, iMT and a manual transmission. The 1.5 litre turbocharged diesel diesel engine is available with manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission and the 1.4 litre turbo petrol engine comes with 7-speed DCT and manual gearbox.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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