Kia Seltos breaks down 3 times on delivery day: Owner extremely upset

Many new Kia Motors customers seem to have a harrowing time after taking delivery of the new vehicle. After an incident of Kia Seltos catching fire after the service centre repaired the car, here is another shocking incident from Baramati, Pune. MotorBeam brings in the details of a customer who faced a difficult time after taking the delivery of his brand-new Kia Seltos.

Kia Seltos breaks down 3 times on delivery day: Owner extremely upset

Balaso Babanrao took the delivery of the brand-new Kia Seltos from Dhone Kia, Baramati. He reached the showroom at about 2:30 PM. Kia dealership delivered the car and the customer took off the red cloth from the vehicle. Balaso reached the dealership with his friends as it was his first car.

Kia Seltos breaks down 3 times on delivery day: Owner extremely upset

The problem started right after the delivery. Balaso says that the brand-new Kia Seltos refused to start. He then called the salesman and the branch manager to the spot. However, they gave the excuse that there is no fuel in the tank, which is why the car is not starting. But even after refuelling, the Kia Seltos refused to start.

The service technicians took over the car and pushed it to the workshop. They checked the fuel supply lines and also removed the fuel floater, which measures the fuel level in the tank. The service technicians also replaced the battery but the brand-new Seltos did not start.

Kia Seltos breaks down 3 times on delivery day: Owner extremely upset

Balaso left the service centre at around 7 PM after the service centre could not start the vehicle. At 7:45 PM, he received a call from the branch manager who told him that the vehicle is ready and the dealership will deliver it by 9:30 AM the next morning.

The engine started making noise

The next day, after the customer did not receive the Seltos as promised by the manager, he rang up the dealership at 10:45 AM. The showroom technicians told him that the car’s engine is making weird noises and they are still working to fix the problem.

The branch manager, in the meantime, called the customer and said he has requested a team from Pune to investigate the issue. Balaso received a test drive from Seltos. The manager called and said that the car is ready and delivered to the residence of Balaso.

But the customer noticed that the problems still exist. He took the car to Hadapsar for further inspection. On 16th July, the Hadapsar service centre informed Balasao that all the issues had been rectified.

Balaso refused to take the car after the service centre said that they changed the fuel line of the vehicle. He argued that he has paid for a new car and will not accept a vehicle with replaced and repaired parts.

I can’t have full faith in this car while driving. Who will take the responsibility that the problem won’t repeat in the future? What if the car does not start during an emergency? It has broken down thrice in 2 days,

Lack of lemon laws in India

There is no law to protect consumers from bad products in India. While there are consumer courts where a customer can complain but there is no law that directs the manufacturer to exchange the lemon vehicle with a new one. Such laws are common in developed countries. According to such laws, any appliance, car, truck or motorcycle that is found to be defective should be replaced immediately, or compensation should be given to the customer.