Son surprises dad with a Kia Seltos car gift

‘Gifting a vehicle to someone in the family is really a big deal in India. While we have seen a lot of vehicles with quotes like “Father’s gift” or “Mother’s gift” in India, it is not every day that a child gifts an automobile to the parents. There are many who have gifted a car to the parents and we have covered them here too. This is one more such story when a son gifts a brand new Kia Seltos to his father.

The video does not show the whole process of buying the car. The video by Jazba Darshan Doshi on his Youtube channel shows how he surprised his father with a new Kia Seltos. The video says that he wanted to show gratitude to his father by gifting the Seltos. To make the occasion even more special, he gifted the Seltos on his father’s 60th birthday. The video shows the brand-new Kia Seltos entering the apartment complex and it is laden with flowers and ribbons.

Someone from the family does the rituals of the black coloured Kia Seltos and marks it with the auspicious swastik. It seems like the whole family planned the gift as all of them gathered around the car before calling the father. The video shows that family members and neighbours gather around the brand-new Kia Seltos and they call father and ask him to come down. As soon as the father sees the vehicle, he gets instant happiness on his face. Everyone wishes him a happy birthday and then hand him the keys of the Seltos to him.

Son surprises dad with a Kia Seltos car gift

He sits in the car and checks it thoroughly before the family gets into it for pictures. He even drives everyone around inside the apartment complex and then the family members also try their hands on the brand-new car.

Kia Seltos automatic

This is the Kia Seltos 1.5-litre diesel with an automatic transmission. The Seltos is available with three different engine options. There is 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol, a 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel and the most powerful of all – the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine. All three engine options are available with manual transmissions and there are three different types of automatic transmission available with the three engine options. In fact, the turbo-petrol engine offers an advanced 7-speed DCT gearbox, which is quick to shift and is very smooth too.

The Seltos was the first car from the South Korean brand in the Indian market and currently, they offer the Sonet and the Carnival too. Kia plans to launch a slew of cars in the Indian market in the coming months but all the vehicles from the brand will be either an SUV or an MPV. Kia does not plan to launch a hatchback or a sedan in the Indian market for the next few years due to the popularity of the SUVs and MPVs in the Indian market.