Kia Seltos catches fire while driving: Service centre repairs it for free

The owner of the car reveals a number of problems he has faced with the Kia Seltos. During the ownership of 9 months, the HTX+  variant of the Seltos has been various problems but he focuses on the latest problem, which caused the car to catch fire.

According to the owner, while driving the car to Jaipur, the air conditioning unit of the car stopped working for the second time. After taking the car to the service centre, the mechanics changed a part in the vehicle and also said to the owner that he got the vehicle for repairs at the right time. Any delay could have caused the car to catch fire.

After one hour of repair, the car caught fire. Smoke started coming out of the engine bay and the onlookers converged to help douse the fire. The fire caused a lot of damage in the engine bay and melted wiring, fuse box, fuel lines and many other parts. The total estimate by the service centre was Rs 6 lakh. It was repaired for free without claiming the insurance.

The car still shows engine light. But even after the repairs, the car started making a weird noise. Then the service centre diagnosed that the fuel injector is kaput due to bad fuel. When the Kia service centre removed the fuel and filled it in a can, the owner used the same fuel in his other car – a Toyota Innova and he has been using it without any problem.

The car still shows an engine warning light while driving.

The owner wants to sell the car

Kia Seltos catches fire while driving: Service centre repairs it for free

The owner says that he does not want to own the Kia Seltos anymore and will sell it soon. He also said that in his ownership of 9 months, the car stayed in the service centre for three months. He also claims that Kia service mechanics do not have proper training and knowledge about the car and they cannot fix the problems even after repeated visits.

Kia India recently announced that it has achieved 5 lakh unit sales in India in 3 years. The South Korean brand also claims to be the quickest car seller in India and it has reached the 5 lakh car sales milestone quicker than any other manufacturer in the country.

The brand plans to launch the facelifted Seltos in the Indian market later this year. The Seltos remains the highest-selling vehicle from Kia in India while the Sonet remains the second best choice for buyers.

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