Kia Seltos Diesel Automatic vs Manual transmission in a drag race

Kia Seltos was launched in the market couple of years ago. Soon after its launch, Seltos became a very popular car among buyers for its looks features and price. Kia Seltos is now a very commonly spotted SUV on our roads these days. Kia Seltos is available with variety of engine and transmission options. It competes with cars like Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier, MG Hector in the segment. We have seen several drag race videos of Kia Seltos in the past. Here we have another video where a Kia Seltos diesel automatic can be seen competing with a Kia Seltos diesel manual transmission.

The video has been uploaded by DOCTORS DRIVE on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger driving his Kia Seltos diesel automatic. He is on his way to meet another YouTube vlogger who owns a Seltos diesel automatic. On his way to the meeting spot, the vlogger explains what they are planning to do in the video.

Soon, he reaches the spot and both the vehicles are lined up for the race. The vlogger specifically mentions that, they have made necessary arrangements and no one should imitate it on open roads. They choose a straight road to conduct the drag race. The main aim of this race was to find out which one of the transmission is better response in a drag race situation. Both the vloggers line up their Seltos diesel SUVs on the start line.

Kia Seltos Diesel Automatic vs Manual transmission in a drag race

As soon as the race starts, both cars have wheel spin and move off the line at the same time. The main difference between both the SUVs is the transmission only. In manual gearbox, the driver can actually hold on to one gear while in the automatic transmission, the gears change on it own. Within seconds, the Kia Seltos manual had taken the lead and the automatic was right behind it. The vidoe does not show how much the distance between both vehicles actually was.

From the conversation that the vloggers were having inside the car, it looked like the automatic version was not that far from the manual version. Unlike manual transmission, automatic version won’t hold on to a a single gear. It will keep on changing the gears depending upon the speed and the tachometer reading. In the manual version, driver has the complete control over the gearbox. He can revv hit hard and make it hit the red line before shifting to the next gear which is not an option in the automatic version.

That is what has happened in this video. The manual gearbox version maintained the lead throughout the race and won the round. Coming back to the engine options. Kia Seltos diesel is powered by a 1.5 litre turbocharged diesel engine. It generates 115 Ps and 250 Nm of peak torque. As seen in the video, it is available with both manual and automatic transmission options. There is a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that comes with CVT and manual gearbox and a 1.4 litre turbo petrol engine option that is available with a 7-speed DCT and manual transmission.