How much fuel will Kia Seltos diesel consume while idling for 1.5 hours with AC on?

Petrol and diesel prices have been rising across the country and has crossed Rs 100 per litre mark on several Indian states. The diesel fuel is also following a similar path and is inching towards triple digit marks. In such a condition, finding out how fuel efficient a vehicle can actually be becomes even more relevant. There have been several videos on internet that show how fuel fuel efficient a car can be when driven with a light right foot. Here we have a video that tests how much fuel would a Kia Seltos diesel while idling with its AC on.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. The vlogger had done a similar type of test on his Maruti Suzuki Baleno premium hatchback an year ago. This time around, he did the same test on his Kia Seltos diesel SUV. For this test, he filled diesel to the brim on his Kia Seltos SUV.

Last time, he drove the car to his home after filling petrol and did the experiment and came back but, in this test he skipped that part and said he will be parking the Seltos next to the petrol to get a clear idea on how much fuel will the SUV consume while idling. The Kia Seltos diesel is powered by a 1.5 litre turbocharged engine that generates 115 Ps and 250 Nm of peak torque. The version that vlogger is using for this experiment is the manual version.

After filling the Seltos’s fuel tank, he parks it next to the petrol pump. This is a base variant Seltos and it comes with manual AC. He sets the knob to the lowest temperature and sets the fan speed to 2. Initially, when they started the test, vlogger said, he’ll be doing the test for almost 2 hours but, after some time he got bored and decided to finish the test after 1.5 hours. Vlogger along with his friend sat inside the car for some time and even roamed outside after getting bored. All this time, the car was idling and the AC was turned on.

How much fuel will Kia Seltos diesel consume while idling for 1.5 hours with AC on?

After the vlogger had completed 1.5 hours, the MID on Kia Seltos was showing a fuel economy of under 6 kmpl. The vlogger then drives it to the filling station asks the attendant to fill the car to the brim. It should be noted that the fuel indicator had not even moved a bit during the test. The vlogger refuels and was very surprised with the result. Kia Seltos had consumed only 0.67 liter of diesel which is worth Rs 60 in current situation.

The vlogger was not expecting such a result. He mentions that when he did the same test on Baleno, it had consumed around 1.66 lts of fuel in 1.5 hrs and that had cost him approximately Rs 130 an year ago. He mentions that the petrol vehicles do not return good efficiency while idling. When this test was being conducted, the MID was displaying a external temperature of 34 degree celcius. The way AC works in different weather condition determine the fuel efficiency while the car is idling.