Kia Seltos driver gets stuck between two walls in Goa [Video]

kia seltos stuck walls goa

In a peculiar incident from Goa, a Kia Seltos was found abandoned after it got stuck in a narrow street. The resident of the building nearby shared his experience of the incident and he said that the owner has not returned for more than a week to recollect the car.

As recollected by the resident, a person was hitting the walls at 12:30 AM when he was awakened by the noise. When he came out to check, he found that a Kia Seltos was trying to make a U-Turn but is stuck between the two boundary walls of the homes. The driver kept on trying, which caused him to hit the walls in front and rear of the vehicle multiple times.

The resident, who seems to be a foreigner says that the guy did not seem like he was drunk. He asked for the keys of the Kia Seltos and told him to figure out how to take out the vehicle in the morning. The owner of Kia Seltos happily left the place after handing over the keys. He also left his things inside the vehicle itself.

However, he did not return to collect the keys or the car. It has been over a week and the car has been lying in the same stuck position ever since.

It seems like that the driver of the car misjudged the width of the street and tried making a U-Turn as the gate is front of him was shut. But instead, he got the car stuck as there was limited amount of space.

Car belongs to a tourist

Kia Seltos driver gets stuck between two walls in Goa [Video]

While tourists do bizarre things in Goa and also get caught, this one seems to be the most bizarre of all. This Kia Seltos also seems to be a tourist car as it has an out-of-state registration. There are tourists from all over the world who visit Goa every year. However, many tourists do not give enough regard to the locals as they break laws and rules.

Many tourists are found driving under the influence of alcohol. While many others are caught driving on the beaches. Many of the Goan beaches are protected due to the wildlife and sealift activities. Yet, many tourists break rules and take their vehicles to the beaches to have fun. We have seen many tourists getting arrested in the past due to strict police action on them and we believe that we will continue see more.