Kia Seltos driver crashes into lady biker causing injuries: Drives away [Video]

An unfortunate road rage incident has been reported from Gurugram, in which a woman motorcyclist was allegedly hit by a Kia Seltos driver in a high-speed hit-and-run case. The incident has been shared on various social media channels, with the woman motorcyclist sharing her experience in a video.


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She identified herself as Ankyta Arora and stated that she was riding her red-coloured Ducati Monster on the Gurugram-Faridabad highway when a white-coloured Kia Seltos driver started following her, continuously honking. After trying to give side to the driver, the Seltos hit her motorcycle from behind and fled the scene, causing the woman to fall off her bike. Fortunately, she was wearing appropriate riding gear and wasn’t hurt, but her motorcycle sustained some damage.

In the video, the woman motorcyclist calls out for help from the Gurugram Police and says that the Seltos driver was smoking while following her. She also displays the fallen number plate of the car as evidence. In the second half of the video, someone filmed the Seltos driver and captured his face in their camera.

The video also shows the registration details of the Kia Seltos, obtained from the Parivahan app using the registration number of the SUV. It’s believed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, as they hit a couple of other vehicles before fleeing the scene.

Kia Seltos driver crashes into lady biker causing injuries: Drives away [Video]

The incident has been shared by the Instagram page of xbhp, which claims that the police have started an investigation into the matter. After an FIR was lodged, the police discovered that the car was registered with a fake address, and the SUV owner doesn’t live at the given address. The police are continuing the investigation and are searching for the Seltos driver.

Biker hit and run by Mahindra Scorpio


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Last year, several videos surfaced online depicting an incident in which a Scorpio driver hit a Royal Enfield rider while speeding through. Prior to this, in another video, the Scorpio driver was seen conversing with another rider in the motorcycle group, and the conversation included the use of expletives. However, it is unclear what initiated the argument on the road.

As the group was riding, the Mahindra Scorpio suddenly sped past them. During the overtake, the Scorpio’s rear bumper collided with a Royal Enfield motorcycle, causing the rider to fall on the road. Fortunately, the rider was wearing protective gear and sustained only minor injuries.

Road rage can escalate quickly and it’s always a good idea to remain calm on the roads and not get involved in such situations. It is a common issue that can arise at any time and escalate quickly. This is why, it is crucial to maintain a cool head while driving or riding, especially on chaotic Indian roads. Here are some tips to ensure that you avoid road rage incidents.

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