Kia Seltos driver miraculously escapes elephant attack [Video]

Wild elephants leaving the jungle and roaming in villages and roads near the jungle have become a lot more common in the last couple of years. We have also come across incidents, where these elephants have attacked people, destroyed crops of farmers and also attacked vehicles. In many cases, these wild elephants have destroyed vehicles completely and injured people. Here we have a video where a Kia Seltos driver miraculously escapes an elephant attack in Tamil Nadu.

The video has been shared by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. The incident has been reported from Mettupalayam-Kotagiri road in Tamil Nadu. In this video we see a road that is not very well lit. The road is cutting through a jungle. It looks like the wild elephant was already on the road and as it was dark, the Kia Seltos driver did not see it. By the time, the driver spotted, it probably too close and that is why he can be seen driving the car in reverse here.

There were other vehicles on the road and one of them can be heard shouting at the car driver to turn the headlights on. He was probably asking the driver to do it so that the elephant can be scared off. The car driver however did not turn the lights on and drove the car in reverse till he reached a point where he cannot go any further. The elephant was very aggressive and was trying get hold of the car and destroy it.

Kia Seltos driver miraculously escapes elephant attack [Video]
Elephant attacking Kia Seltos

When the elephant was trying to destroy the left and side of the car, the driver saw window of opportunity and slowly drove the car forward. When the elephant saw the car moving forward, it slowly started stepping back and then the driver simply pushed the accelerator and drove away. The video was recorded by another driver in a bus that runs through the route. It is not clear whether the elephant moved away from the road after this incident or did it continue to attack other road users.

The driver of the Kia Seltos was pretty confident and did not leave the car and run away to save himself. He maintained in calm and slowly reversed the car even when the elephant was running and attacking his car. He did not turn the lights on which is good thing because, this would have made the elephant even more aggressive or it might even have got scared and attacked other vehicles. The car driver was extremely lucky to have escaped from the spot without any injuries. His car might have got some scratches or dents but, the passengers remain unhurt.

If you ever find yourself in such a condition, the safest option is to stop and wait for the animal to cross the road. If the lights of the vehicles are on, it is a good idea to turn them off as it would provoke the animal. Once the elephant has crossed th road, only then drive the vehicle forward. These animals are very sensitive to bright lights, engine noise (especially diesel), horn, engie start noise and music.