Kia Seltos driver panics while driving in the hills: Crashes into truck [Video]

A lot of accidents in the mountains happen due to wrong driving methods. Here is one accident that got caught on the dashboard camera of a Kia Seltos. The footage shows how panicking while driving on the hilly terrains can cause an accident.

The accident is from Tamil Nadu and shows a Kia Seltos going in uphill. The driver keeps on his left and goes towards a turn. However, when a truck comes from the other side, the driver of the Kia Seltos panics and moves to his right. This causes a head-on collision between the truck and the Kia Seltos.

We can hear in the video that the truck driver was using the horn but we think the Kia Seltos driver did not expect the truck to be there and was surprised. In a shock, he tried to avoid the truck and moved towards his right, putting him in the direct line of the truck.

In the hilly roads, most trucks and heavy vehicles like the bus take wide turns because of the big turning radius. This truck driver was doing the same and he would have moved out of the way as well. However, the Kia Seltos driver put himself in the path of the truck. This can happen to most novice drivers on hilly roads.

Driving on hilly roads

Kia Seltos driver panics while driving in the hills: Crashes into truck [Video]

Mountain driving can be a thrilling and memorable experience, but it also comes with its share of risks. However, by exercising caution and following some essential rules, one can ensure a safe journey. One of the primary rules is to stay within your lane while driving on undivided mountain roads. New drivers often veer into the opposite lane, leading to potentially catastrophic accidents.

Another crucial aspect is being mindful while overtaking. Overtaking on blind corners can be extremely dangerous and may result in severe accidents. By adhering to these guidelines, one can mitigate the dangers associated with mountain driving and enjoy the adventure responsibly.

Hill driving can be thrilling but one needs to be extremely careful. Mountainous regions present numerous challenges for drivers, particularly in cold conditions. One of the significant hazards is the formation of black ice on the roads, which can lead to vehicles losing traction. Black ice, a crystallized form of water, tends to appear shortly after sunset. It creates the illusion of a wet surface and is challenging to identify. This poses a severe threat to all vehicles, particularly when driving at high speeds. It is crucial to exercise caution and reduce speed when encountering a potentially wet surface, especially after sunset, to mitigate the risks associated with black ice.