15 features the Kia Seltos has that the Hyundai Creta & Tata Harrier don’t

Kia will launch its debut vehicle in India on the 22nd of August. Called the Seltos, the compact SUV is an all-new vehicle by Kia and will be sold internationally too. The platform and engine options on the Seltos will be shared with the next-generation  Hyundai Creta. As it is Kia’s first vehicle in India, the company has made sure that the Seltos comes loaded to the brim with features and has segment-best specifications. In the Indian market, its main rivals will be the Hyundai Creta and the Tata Harrier. Let’s now check out 15 features that the Kia Seltos has but the other two SUVs don’t.

Air purifier

The Kia Seltos will not be the first affordable car to come with an air filter in India as that accolade has already been earned by the Hyundai Venue. However, it will be the first vehicle in its segment to come with this feature. An air filter, as its name suggests, purifies the air inside the cabin. This feature is especially helpful is highly polluted metro cities where clean air inside the cabin would be much appreciated.

10.25-inch infotainment

Kia Seltos 6

The Harrier came with an 8.8-inch touch infotainment system which was certainly a big step up for the segment. Kia, however, has gone one step further and has equipped the Seltos with a massive 10.25-inch infotainment screen, which is definitely a big number. Neither the Creta nor the Harrier sports an infotainment system this big. In this segment, the MG Hector is the only vehicle that has a bigger infotainment system than the Seltos, with a size count of 10.4 inches.

Smart Car features (UVA)

Kia Seltos Uvo

The last few car launches in India have all had a ton of tech gimmickry embedded inside them, The MG Hector and the Hyundai Venue are a prime example of this, both of which come with smart connectivity features along with all-time internet support and tons of other functions like voice recognition among others. The Kia Seltos also joins this list and comes with an M2M chip which allows it to remain connected to the Internet all the time. Its infotainment system comes equipped with UVO connect, an advanced connected car technology that offers an array of convenience and safety features. The UVO connect boasts of 37 smart features under five distinct categories i.e. Navigation, Safety and Security, Vehicle Management, Remote Control, and Convenience.

LED headlights and foglamps

Led Headlamps

Now we have been seeing LED DRLs, tail lamps, and fog lamps in cars of late but a full LED headlight is something for which the Seltos will claim the first in segment crown. It comes with stylish sleek LED headlamps along with LED DRLs on either side of the tiger-nose grille. The vertical foglamps and the taillights are also full-LED units.

Smart HUD

Representational Image

Heads-Up Display is not a new technology and high-end cars have been coming with this feature for a long time now. However, the Kia Seltos gets to be the first car in its segment and even a few notches above its segment to feature HUD. Kia has named it Smart 8.0 system but that does not probably indicate the size of the HUD as there has been no word on this. Talking about HUD, this feature displays vital information about the car including its speed on the windscreen at front. This means that the driver does not need to take his eyes off the road and still can know all the running stats about the car.

Disc brakes on all wheels

Kia Disc Brakes

The Hyundai Creta and the Tata Harrier both come with disc brakes on the front wheels, even on their respective top-end variants. The Kia Seltos, however, comes with disc brakes on all four wheels to help with braking and maintain better control. Moreover, all four discs on the Seltos are ventilated, which ensures maximum braking power.

Rear reclining seats

Kia Seltos Interiors

Another unique feature, the Kia Seltos gives the option to tilt the rear seat to a certain extent in order to provide you with the perfect seating comfort. The Seltos will come with two-step rear reclining seats and passengers can adjust it according to their need. Neither the Hyundai Creta nor the Tata Harrier comes with this feature.

Ambient mood lighting

Ambient Mood Lightning

Like we earlier said, Kia has filled the Seltos to its gills with features and there is no end to it. The compact SUV comes with ambient mood lighting which can be changed to different colours. It will be present in pre-designated areas like around the speakers on the front door and above the glove box among other spots. Ambient lighting instantly gives a feeling of premium-ness to the cabin and till now, only the recently launched MG HEctor comes with this feature in this segment.

Turbo Petrol engine

Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos will come with three engine options to choose from, which includes two petrol engines and one diesel engine. Among them, the most powerful option will be the 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine. This engine will have an output of 140 Bhp power and 244 Nm of torque. It will come mated to a 7-speed DCT along with the standard 6-speed manual transmission.

360-degree camera

Kia Seltos 4

While both the Hyundai Creta and the Tata Harrier come with rear parking sensors along with rear parking camera, none of them has a 360-degree camera feature. This feature lets you have a birds-eye view of the car and is quite helpful when parking or manoeuvring in tight spaces. Coupled with the larger 10.25-inch infotainment screen on the Seltos, this feature will surely be appreciated by the buyers.


Kia Seltos Tpms

TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a feature that lets you know about the air pressure in each tire via the MID screen on the instrument console. It is not an exclusive feature as even the Mahindra XUV500 comes with it but neither the Tata Harrier nor the Hyundai Creta is equipped with it.

UV Cut glass

Kia Seltos 7

UV cut glass, as its name suggests, are special kind of window glasses that are basically factory-fitted tinted glasses that comply with the Indian motor vehicle laws. It has been seen on a few cars in the budget segment like the Maruti Suzuki Baleno and the previous generation Creta. The Kia Seltos will currently be the only car in its segment to feature such glasses.

Blindspot monitoring

Kia Seltos 5

Kia has paid full attention towards making the Seltos a safe car and for the same has equipped the car with a blind spot monitoring system. This system reduces the chance of accidents during lane changing and sudden turns. It does so by the help of dedicated sensors that sense any vehicle in the driver’s blind spot and warns the driver about the same through a warning light or a beep sound or both in some cases.

Front parking sensors

Kia Seltos Tvc Featured

While rear parking sensors have been made mandatory by the government under the new safety rules, front parking sensors is something that is not found on most of the cars. Kia has equipped the Seltos with them though and this is something that the other two SUVs don’t come with.

3 types of AT

Kia Seltos 2

The Kia Seltos will come with a total of 4 transmission options. There will be a 6-speed manual option and the other three will be automatics. There will be a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) automatic, an Intelligent Variable Transmission and a torque-converter transmission. It can be expected that Kia will offer a wide range of variants with a combination of 3 engines and 4 transmissions. Also, it will be the first car in India to get three different types of automatic transmissions.