Kia Seltos HTK Plus trim converted into top-end trim [video]

Korean carmaker Kia entered Indian market in 2019. Seltos was their first product and it quickly gained popularity among buyers. One of the reason why it became popular among buyers is its bold looks. Features and competitive pricing also played a crucial role but, the way Seltos looked influenced lot of customers. The top-end trim of the SUV has all LED lights both at the front and rear but, the lower variants get regular projector type lamps which do not look as imposing as the top-end trims. Here we have a video that shows two Seltos HTK Plus owners who have neatly converted their SUVs into top-end trim version.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. The vlogger shows his HTE variant Seltos along with two other Seltos SUVs that has been converted neatly. Vlogger then has a conversation with the owners to know more about these modifications. The owners of these SUVs started with the the headlamps. As the SUVs were fairly new, aftermarket accessories were not that common in the market. They got in touch with the Kia dealership and bought original LED headlamps and tail lamps for Seltos.

The main problem with the top-end trim all-LED headlamps were that, it was not working properly. The high beam on the headlamps were not working and the LED turn indicators were also flickering too fast. The MID was also showing error messages. After extensive research, they found came to know about the coupler. They imported it from Korea and after connecting the LED headlamp to the original wire using the coupler, everything started working fine. They had also installed Kia Seltos’ genuine ice cube shaped fog lamps.

The tail lights on this SUV were also replaced with the top-end trim LED units. These units were also brought from Kia dealership and the chrome garnish on the boot was also replaced. Other than this, the front grille on both the SUVs were replaced. One of them got a GT Line grille, whereas the other got a regular HTX Plus grille. LED DRLs extended on the grille was also installed. The connection to this was taken through their headlights using the coupler.

The front bumper on both the SUVs remain the same. Only the silver finish area on the lower part of the bumper has been replaced. One of them got red accents to look like a GT Line version. Price difference between HTK Plus and HTX Plus is around 2 lakh. The owners did all these modifications and the overall cost of conversion was around Rs 75,000 – Rs 80,000. No changes are made to the interior of the car as it was decently loaded already.

Kia Seltos comes with three engine options. There is a 1.5 litre naturally petrol engine which gets CVT and manual gearbox option. There is a 1.5 litre turbocharged diesel engine which comes with a manual and a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission. The third engine option is a 1.4 litre turbocharged petrol engine which comes with a 7-speed DCT gearbox and a manual gearbox option.