Upcoming Kia Seltos & MG Hector side-by-side: Which one looks better?

The D-Segment is getting a range of all-new vehicles. Earlier this year, Tata Motors launched the all-new Harrier while MG Motors entered the Indian market with their first-ever vehicle – the Hector. Soon, Kia will also launch the all-new Seltos in the Indian market and the car has already become quite popular in the market. In fact, the all-new Seltos has received more than 28,000 bookings before its launch on 22nd August 2019. On the other hand, the all-new MG Hector has also experienced a huge demand in the market.

Here is a video that shows the Kia Seltos and the MG Hector side-by-side. It should be noted that the MG Hector is positioned above the Kia Seltos in the Indian market. Also, Hector offers the longest body in the segment. The videos from Sekhar Reddy Goluguri show the side of the vehicle by side that shows which vehicle has a greater road presence. Since the Kia Seltos is much smaller in dimensions when compared to the MG Hector in length, the Hector towers over the Seltos in the video from the rear. However, from the front, both the vehicles seem to have a similar impact.

Both MG Hector and Kia Seltos offer a very modern look. The Kia Seltos has a length of 4,315 mm while the Hector offers a length of 4,655 mm, which is more than 300mm of length. Width of the MG Hector is also more than the Seltos. The Seltos has a width of 1,800 mm while the MG Hector has a width of 1,835mm. The MG Hector is also much higher than the Seltos. The Seltos is 1,620 mm tall while the Hector is 1,760 mm tall. The Kia Seltos has a wheelbase of 2,610 mm while the Hector offers a wheelbase of 2,750 mm. However, the ground clearance of the Kia Seltos is only 2 mm lower than the MG Hector. The Seltos offers a ground clearance of 190 mm while the Hector offers 192 mm of ground clearance.

Upcoming Kia Seltos & MG Hector side-by-side: Which one looks better?

Both MG Hector and Kia Seltos offer a range of features and many of these features are unique and first-in-segment. The Kia Seltos offers features like cooled seats, air purifier, Heads-Up Display, 360 Degree, Bose speaker system and more. The MG Hector, on the other hand, offers a panoramic sunroof, electric driver seat and a huge touchscreen infotainment system.

Both the vehicles are loaded with features and both of them offer Internet-connected services. The MG Hector also offers voice-based AI services that can control the features of the vehicles like the opening of the sunroof and windows among others. Both the vehicles offer features to be controlled by connected smartphone and also allows the owners to track the vehicle real-time. Kia will offer 2 petrol engine options and a diesel engine option while the MG Hector offers petrol and a diesel engine option. The Kia Seltos is expected to be priced from around Rs 10.5 lakh, ex-showroom, while the MG Hector carries a price tag of Rs 12.18 lakh, ex-showroom.