Kia Seltos wrapped in Nardo Grey is a stunner [Video]

Kia Seltos is the first car from the South Korean brand in the Indian market and it sure has captured a lot of attention of the market. The Seltos looks futuristic, especially the GT Line top-end variant of the car that gets long DRL bars at the front. Here is a top-end Kia Seltos GTX that is wrapped in a beautiful Nardo Grey colour. A first of its kind in India.

This Kia Seltos belongs to Prudhvi and is located in Hyderabad. The car gets the wrap from a company called Avery. The job has been done by Wrapzilla in Hyderabad. Apart from the wrap, this Kia Seltos also gets a chrome-delete package. The chrome delete option has removed all the chrome parts in the car and makes it look even more sinister. The overall looks are quite interesting as we said above – it is the first of its kind in India.

These are the only changes in the car and everything else in the vehicle remains the same. There are no changes done to the parts or any additional accessories installed in the vehicle. The owner has only opted for a colour change and it completely changes the characteristics of the vehicle.

But are wrap legal in India?

Kia Seltos wrapped in Nardo Grey is a stunner [Video]

Doing such changes also does not void any warranty and also ensures that the warranty of the car does not get affected. Installing aftermarket accessories and doing electrical changes to a vehicle may force the manufacturer to remove the warranty. However, there are ways to make the car look distinct while keeping the warranty intact.

The Indian authorities take modifications on vehicles quite seriously in recent times. While there is no law in the book that talks about wraps, there is a section that talks about changing the original colour of the vehicle. Changing the original or stock colour of the vehicle is illegal in India. However, the cops in most states and union territories do not stop vehicles with different coloured wraps. If you have any experience, do share that same with us.

To be on the safer side, it is better to stick to the stock colour while choosing the wrap for the vehicle. Or if you wish, you can ask the local authorities like the RTO about the rule and get the same in writing. Wraps sure are a way to unlock the true creative potential, if they are legal.

Changing the stock colour puts the cops in a tizzy. If the vehicle gets stolen and the cops put out an alert for the same, it is difficult for them to spot the vehicle if it looks different from the stock colour.

Wraps can cost anything between Rs 30,000 to lakhs of rupees depending on the quality and the creativity of the wrap. Wraps also keep the original paint safe from minor scratches but one tear in the wrap will force you to change it as you can not repair wraps.