Kia Seltos has a near miss with a Chevrolet Beat & ABS saves the day: Who’s fault was it? [Video]

Indian roads see numerous accidents every single day and many of them turn fatal. The reason behind most of the accidents is not following discipline and the rules on the roads. Here is a perfect example of showing how can accidents happen. Here is a dashboard video from Kia Seltos shot by the owner Devajit Khanikar , shows his car narrowly missing hitting a Chevrolet Beat. Who do you think is at fault here?

The video shows the Seltos cruising on the open road at a good speed. Since the speedometer is not visible, we cannot comment on the speed of the car but it seems to be fairly good. It is a single lane road without any divider in between. The video shows that the car crosses a bridge and on the rightmost side of the video, a green coloured Chevrolet Beat can be spotted speeding towards the road.

The Chevrolet Beat did not wait for the Seltos to cross or even did not even slow down to check for any oncoming traffic. Neither the Seltos slowed down. At the last moment, Devajit, who was driving the Seltos applied the brakes and steered away from the Beat. The Seltos narrowly missed hitting the Beat. Given the speed of the Seltos, it could have turned into a gory accident but ABS can save you from situations just like these. Applying emergency braking on the roads can be tricky as the wheels can lock up and make the car uncontrollable but the ABS help in keeping the wheel from locking up.

Who is at fault here?

Kia Seltos has a near miss with a Chevrolet Beat & ABS saves the day: Who’s fault was it? [Video]

The Kia Seltos has the right of way here and should not have bothered about the Beat coming from the side lane and joining the main road. However, since we stay in India, such things are pretty common and no one thinks much about the right of way. The video clearly shows the speeding Chevrolet Beat on the rightmost side of the video, which means that the Seltos was also visible to the driver of the Beat but it is quite possible that he chose to ignore the oncoming car. Also, since there is a small incline to join the main road, the Beat driver may have done that in purpose to maintain the momentum.

Since we are talking about the Indian roads, it is absolutely important to be extra careful on the roads. Slowing down at the intersections and road mergers should be a habit to be safe on the roads. Even at the traffic intersections that are managed by traffic signals, a green light on your way will not ensure that no one else is entering the intersection. It is always the best to slow down and check for the traffic even when you have the right of way.

What do you think about this video and who do you think is at fault? Let us know in the comments section below and always drive safe.

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