Kia Seltos looks like a real BADASS in this off-road spec render

Kia Seltos, which was recently launched in the Indian market has become extremely popular in the Indian market. Before the launch, Kia received more than 32,000 bookings for the Seltos and currently the waiting period of the car is more than 4 months. The attractive entry-level price of sub Rs 10 lakh has also helped the Kia Seltos to further gain popularity in the market. While Kia has started the deliveries of the Seltos in the Indian market, here is a video that shows what the car may look like if Kia decides to bring in an off-road variant of the mid-size SUV.

The video put up by Yogi Sejwal Design shows how the artist digitally manipulated the stock Kia Seltos to make it look completely different and much more attractive for the off-road enthusiasts. The video is described by the the artist who has explained all the changes that have gone into the car. To start with, the ground clearance of the vehicle has been increased by a few millimetres, which will definitely increase off-road capabilities of the vehicle. Further, the car gets a different set of tyres, which are more off-road friendly. Even this Seltos gets big block off-road tyres. Apart from that, a lot of changes have have done to the car.

It gets an off-road spec bumper with a bull bar, which will come in handy in during hardcore off-roading trails. Further, the car also gets a tinted headlamps while there are no fog lamps in this vehicle. Instead, a set of four auxiliary lamps have been installed on the bull bar. The car also gets a different grille, which has integrated LED lamps too. It is different from the Kia GT Line and is in triangular shape. To add a muscular look to the vehicle, the car also gets a hood scoop, which is helpful for the intake. This removes the need for a snorkel air intake. On the roof, a set of LED light bar and roof-mounted carrier has been installed too. This increases the overall capacity of the vehicle and of course adds a rugged look. Even wheel arches of the Kia Seltos off-road version are more flared and get more protection.

Kia Seltos looks like a real BADASS in this off-road spec render

It should be noted that the Indian version of the Kia Seltos does not gets a 4WD system. It is available in the international versions though. The system makes the Seltos more capable and allows it to go on off-road tracks without getting stuck. The Indian version of the Kia Seltos gets the terrain modes that work with the traction control system and allows the vehicle to come out of tricky situations. However, it is not as good as the 4WD system.