Kia Seltos’ official off-road version showcased: Want this?

Kia Seltos has become a grand success in the Indian market after it was launched earlier this year. The all-new Seltos is currently leading the segment by a huge margin and there is no stopping to it. While Kia does not offer a 4WD option on the Seltos for the Indian market, there are international models that come equipped with this feature, making it much more capable. Well, in the land of SUVs – America, Kia has officially showcased two off-road versions of the Seltos and they both look mad!

Kia Seltos 2

The USA is the market of big bad SUVs and currently, the American manufacturers like Ford and General Motors lead the game. The Kia Seltos in the stock form looks futuristic for sure but it is nowhere near the masculinity show displayed by the likes of Ford or Cadillac SUVs. Kia will launch the all-new Seltos in the American market soon and they displayed two heavily modified versions of the Seltos to grab the eyeballs! The pictures have been uploaded by Van Griffith KIA.

The first modifications of the two, which is white colour is based on the entry-level trim of the Seltos. It gets an aftermarket off-road bumper, red permanent towing hooks for a quick rescue, a new black grille in a matte black finish, blacked-out headlamps, a hood scoop and auxiliary lamps installed in different positions. There are lamps installed on the aftermarket bumper. Since this is the base version of the Seltos, there are no fog lamps in the vehicle. The fog lamp housings get a contrasting insert in it that is in orange colour. Four more auxiliary lamps are installed on the roof of the vehicle and are bolted to the roof carrier.

This Kia Seltos has been raised by a few millimetres to accommodate the bigger tyres. The suspension of the vehicle also looks raised and there is enough space for articulation during tough off-road courses. The tyres are mud terrain tyres with off-road spec rims. The rims themselves are in black colour and have a contrasting red centre. The second vehicle showcased officially by Kia is a different kind of modification that gets a smaller off-road-spec bumper in the front and different wheels.

Kia 1

It was showcased during the 2019 National Kia Dealership Meet in the USA and the exact specifications of the vehicles are not known. Also, it is not known if Kia will officially offer such modifications on the vehicle it is launched. It should be noted that in the South Korea market, which is the home market of Kia, the Seltos is available with a slew of features that are not available in the Indian model. It also gets 4WD set-up and other radar-based features.