Kia Seltos or Hyundai Creta. Who should buy what

Hyundai Creta was the best-selling mid-size SUV before the Kia Seltos entered the Indian market in 2019. Now, Hyundai is back in the market with the all-new Creta which the platform, engines and some of the features with Seltos.

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So, which one should you buy? 

First, let’s look at what it common between the two Korean siblings? 

Engine and Gearboxes

Both the SUVs share the same engine and gearbox options. There is a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre petrol engine, 1.5-litre diesel engine and a 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine. All the engines are available with automatic transmission for the people who are looking for a hassle-free city driving. 

1kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

As both of the SUVs share the same engine, the power output of every engine is the same. The 1.5-litre petrol produces a max power output of 115PS with 144Nm of peak torque while the 1.5-litre diesel produces max power of 115PS and 250Nm of torque. The 1.4-litre turbo petrol is the most powerful engine among the lot with a max power output of 140PS and a peak torque of 242Nm. All the engines are available with some kind of automatic transmission for the people who are looking for a hassle-free city driving. The only difference is that the Creta does not offer a manual gearbox for the turbo petrol engine. 

There is not much to choose on the basis of powertrain then.

Common features

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The wheelbase of both of the SUVs is identical due to which the cabin space on both the SUVs is identical. Both, the manufacturers have made sure that their cars are feature-loaded while also offering best in class safety equipment.  

As standard, you get ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, rear AC, tilt-adjustable steering, front and rear skid plates, keyless entry, front center armrest and much more.

So, how do you choose between the Creta and the Seltos?

Creta: If you want a few more features

Both the SUVs offer almost the same features but it is the Creta that offers paddle shifters,  electronic parking brake with auto hold and puddle lamps. Creta also comes with voice commands for opening and closing the sunroof. Hyundai is also offering more equipment from the base variant while the Seltos’ base variant misses out on a lot of equipment that is necessary for daily use. 

Seltos: If you want butch SUV Looks

5kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

If you are a person who wants an SUV styling then the Seltos is the one for you. Due to the flat bonnet, upright grille with sleek headlamps and squared-off design, the Seltos bears the proper SUV look. 

Creta: For Sunroof Bragging Rights

We love sunroofs. And the bigger it is, the better. Both SUVs offers sunroof but it is the Creta that comes with a massive panoramic sunroof. Because of this, the sunroof on the Creta is significantly larger than the one on Seltos. The panoramic sunroof lets in a lot of light in the cabin and gives a sense of airiness. Due to this when compared to the Seltos, the cabin of the Creta looks roomier.

Seltos: For the Driving Enthusiast

If you consider yourself a driving enthusiast and you love manual transmissions then you would need to opt for the Seltos as the Creta does not offer a manual gearbox with the peppier turbo petrol engine. The 1.4-litre turbo petrol produces more power and torque, is more fun to drive and its 6-speed manual gearbox is also a slick-shifting unit. 

Kia Seltos starts at Rs. 9.89 lakhs (ex-showroom) whereas the Hyundai Creta starts from Rs. 9.99 lakhs(ex-showroom). Considering the equipment and the engines that both the SUVs are offering, you cannot go wrong with either one of them. Overall, it is your personal preference for the equipment that you think is more important for you.