Kia Seltos: REAL reasons why everyone’s buying it!

Kia Seltos became the best-selling Utility Vehicle in the Indian market surpassing the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. The Seltos has been outselling the Creta since its launch in the market. This is the third month since the launch of the Seltos in the Indian market and the third consecutive time that the Kia Seltos has outsold the juggernaut Creta in the market. What makes it so popular in the market and why is it selling so much? Well, we have six reasons that makes the Kia Seltos much more than the Hyundai Creta in the Indian market.

A variant for everyone!

5kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

Kia offers two major trim levels on the Seltos – Tech Line and GT Line. The Tech line consists of the lower-end variants of the car while the GT Line is the sportier version and gets a lot of visual changes too. In total, Kia offers as many as 18 variants in the Indian market. This ensures that Seltos fits every kind of need and budget of the customers.

Fresh and futuristic

Kia Seltos 9

In India, a car is all about how it looks on the road and the Seltos looks intimidating and quite futuristic. The all-new Seltos has been designed to grab the eyes. The car gets all LED lamps on the outside and inside of the car. It also gets LED light bar integrated to the grille and an attention-grabbing look all around. The Seltos stands out in the crowd and that’s something, which is loved by the buyers.

Loaded with features

Kia Seltos Head Up Display

The Indian customers go all gaga over the features and the Seltos offers a bucket load of them! Starting from all-LED headlamps, all-LED tail lamps, diamond-cut alloy wheels, the light bar on the front grille and many others such features. The Seltos also offers an integrated air purifier, Heads-Up Display, connected ambient light, Bose speaker system, blind-spot warning, front parking sensors and many other such features. It makes the customers choose it over any other vehicle in the segment since no other car offers such a long list of features yet.

Cheaper than Creta!

10kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

The base variant of the Kia Seltos is priced at Rs 9,69 lakhs, making it much cheaper than the entry-level Hyundai Creta that is priced at Rs 9.99 lakhs! This creates a mental barrier of the Kia Seltos owners giving a feeling that it is cheaper than the Creta. Due to the long list of features, the higher variants are more expensive than the Creta but then you do get more features and a newer car in the market.

A wide combination of engine-transmission options

Kia Seltos 2

The Kia Seltos offers a wide range of engine and transmission combinations. In fact, it is the only car in India that offers three different types of automatic transmissions. The car is offered with a 1.5-litre petrol engine that offers a CVT automatic transmission, a 1.5-litre diesel engine that offers a torque converter automatic transmission and a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine that offers 7-speed Dual-Clutch automatic transmission. All the three engine options offer a 6-speed manual transmission too. This makes the Kia Seltos a perfect choice for every kind of buyer in the market.

Just the right size

Kia Seltos

With the growing amount of traffic on the roads and the love of SUVs of the Indian buyers, it is often difficult to balance between the right size and the intimidating looks. At just over 4 meters, the Kia Seltos offers the best of both the world. It is a perfect vehicle to manoeuvre through the city traffic while it looks intimidating enough to turn the heads on the roads.