Kia Seltos gets royally stuck not once but twice: Hyundai Creta to the rescue

Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta and currently some of the most popular mid-size SUV currently on sale n India. Kia Seltos was launched back in 2019 and all-new Hyundai was launched last year. These SUVs compete with the likes of Tata Harrier and MG Hector in the segment. Ever since their launch, we have seen several videos of Both Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta online. We have seen drag races, comparison and many other videos where both these SUVs are featured. Here we have a video where a Hyundai Creta can be seen rescuing a Kia Seltos that got stuck not once but twice.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In this video, it looks like the vlogger is on a road trip and as part of the trip he was in Rajasthan. He is accompanied by his friend who owns a Hyundai Creta. Both of them roam in the busy and narrow city roads for some time and after that plan to do a drag test as both of them were diesel SUVs.

Unfortunately, they had to drop the plan and they went searching for new spot for the race. They soon left narrow city roads and had entered uneven mud roads that run next to the farm lands. They reached a point where they thought of going back. The road was narrow and instead of reversing the car, Seltos driver tried taking a U turn and got the front wheel of the Seltos stuck in the soil.

Kia Seltos gets royally stuck not once but twice: Hyundai Creta to the rescue

They had planned some off-roading but, after watching Seltos get stuck in the soil, they dropped that plan. It was loose soil and the front wheels on Seltos were not getting traction from anywhere. Within minutes, Seltos got stuck badly and was not moving even an inch. As the vlogger and the Creta owner were not prepared for this situation, they tried clearing soil from the front of the wheels and tried bringing it out but, it was all in vain.

Then Creta owner went back and brought tow rope with him. Both SUVs got fastened the tow hooks to the rear bumper and in couple tries, Creta pulled out the Seltos. After this incident, vlogger left that spotted and went on exploring the country side. While exploring, they parked their Seltos at place too close to the loose sand once again and got it stuck.

According to the vlogger, second time the Seltos was badly stuck as all the wheels were in the loose soil. Creta could not pull it from the rear this time. What the vlogger did this time was he slowly drove it to the front and tied the rope to the tow hook on the front bumper and pulled it outside.

This video is actually a prime example on why you should never do off-roading on FWD vehicles. The vlogger was unaware of the terrain and if Creta was not present there at the spot, it would have taken lot of efforts to bring the Seltos out. It is not applicable for Seltos, the same would have happened in Creta was the SUV that got stuck.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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