Driverless Kia Seltos rolls down & falls from dealership: What happened here?

While we have seen many bizarre accidents in the past, here is one more incident that involves Kia Seltos. The incident got recorded on the CCTV and shows something very unusual. The visuals are from a Kia Motors dealership in Kerala.

The video shows a few vehicles parked outside the showroom and the service centre. The Kia showroom is located on a platform that makes it higher than the road. There is a ramp to enter the place too.

In the video, a Kia Seltos suddenly starts rolling in reverse. A person tries his best to push the car from behind and stop it from rolling further. However, he alone is not enough to stop the vehicle from rolling. Looking at the car going down, a few others also run towards the vehicle to help but it was a futile effort.

The Kia Seltos reaches the edge of the platform and falls down from there. It vehicle does not hit any other car on the busy road though.

What do you think happened here?

The footage shows that there was no one inside the car when it was rolling in reverse. In fact, we are also not sure if the engine was on at the moment. One of the possible reasons for the car rolling down is the failure of the handbrake or the driver forgetting to engage the handbrake.

As the driver came out of the vehicle, he must have realised that the car is rolling down and he must have tried to stop by pushing it from behind. The higher variants of the Kia Seltos also offer an electronic handbrake that engages automatically when the engine turns off. However, one has to physically pull the lever of a manual handbrake that is available with most of the variants of the Seltos.

Many times, people forget to pull the handbrake or engage it fully. As engaging the handbrake does require some power, not doing it properly may result in the car rolling down if it is parked on a steep slope.

Parking on a steep slope

Driverless Kia Seltos rolls down & falls from dealership: What happened here?

While this incident happened inside the compound of a showroom and a service centre, it can happen to anyone who does not park the vehicle properly on the slopes. Parking on the slope can be tricky but one can follow simple steps to secure the car from rolling down.

Start with parking with the tyres facing away from the kerb. This will ensure that the car hits the kerb if it starts moving. Also, engage the handbrake properly and do not keep the car in gear. Keeping the car in gear puts an unnecessary burden on the transmission and also if another car hits your vehicle, it can cause major damage to the transmission.

It is also a good idea to put some objects behind the tyres like big stones to keep the car from rolling down the slopes.