Kia Seltos SUV gets stuck on dirt road; Saved by a JCB

With the changing times, the real definition of SUVs has also changed. Now, every high-riding vehicle with high ground clearance and a tall stance is perceived as an SUV. Misinterpreting these virtues as capabilities of a vehicle to make it a go-anywhere thing, many people take such front-wheel-drive SUVs to places where they should take them. This video shows how a front-wheel-drive Kia Seltos gets stuck in loose sand, only to get rescued by an earthmover.

The said video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of Arun Panwar, where the owner of a Kia Seltos drives it to an under-construction road. The owner, who is accompanied here by his younger brother, tries to drive the Seltos over the bad-in-shape road which is covered fully with loose sand. At a moment, the sand becomes thick enough to get a hold of the front tyres, due to which the Seltos becomes unable to gain traction and got stuck on the loose hand.

Despite repetitive trials to get the Seltos out, the SUV failed to come out from the difficult condition. The owner of the Seltos also tried to take some help from a tractor passing nearby, which also was unable to move the SUV even by an inch. After failed efforts, the driver went to take help from a road nearby, leaving his younger brother on the spot.

Rescued by JCB

Kia Seltos SUV gets stuck on dirt road; Saved by a JCB

When the owner returned, he finds that the Seltos has come out of the situation, with his younger brother helming the steering wheel. The younger brother then reveals that he was able to get the Seltos out by taking help from a JCB driver, who had come to the spot. As the earthmovers are capable enough to crawl over the toughest of the surfaces, the JCB at rescue was able to pull the Seltos out without much worry.

This incident has once again thrown some much-needed light on the importance of a four-wheel-drive system in an SUV. Since the Kia Seltos comes with a front-wheel-drive system as standard, driving over loose surfaces like sand and mud will not always be an easy task. Many owners of such front-wheel-drive SUVs try to drive them over loose surfaces in over-confidence, only to end up getting stuck.

In such situations, you will need an SUV equipped with a proper four-wheel-drive system. In a 4WD SUV, power produced from the engine is transferred to both front and rear wheels, depending on the amount of traction required.