Kia Seltos SUV modified with X-Line 18 inch alloy wheels look beautiful

Kia Seltos is one of the most popular mid size SUV in the segment. The SUV has been in the market for couple of years and its popularity doesn’t seem to come down. The Seltos competes with cars like Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier, MG Hector in the segment. Earlier this year, Kia launched a much more aggressive looking X-Line variant of the Seltos. One of the main features of the X-Line variant was the 18 inch alloy wheels. We have seen several examples of modified Kia Seltos SUVs and here we have one that gets an 18 inch alloy wheels like X-Line on it.

The video has been uploaded by VIG AUTO ACCESSORIES on their YouTube channel. The SUV seen in the video started its life as a base variant and it has now been modified to look like a top-end version. Several modifications have been made to the car to give it a higher trim like look.

Starting with the front, the grille has been replaced. Lower variants get regular front grille while the higher variants and GT Line have gloss black finish to it. The front grille, upper and lower chrome grille garnish and the bumper were replaced with GT Line variants. The bumper even comes with Red accents on it. Ice cube shaped LED fog lamps, all LED headlamps and turn indicators are also installed on the SUV.

Unlike other modification videos that we have seen in the past, this SUV is not white colour but, steel grey shade. The SUV looks good in this shade with all these modifications. Coming to the side profile, SUV gets 18 inch X-Line machine cut dual tone alloy wheels. They replace the stock steel rims in the SUV. Vlogger mentions that some of the plastic claddings on the wheel arch had to be replaced as well. The lower door cladding get Red accents like GT Line and other than that, the roof has been blacked out as well.

Kia Seltos SUV modified with X-Line 18 inch alloy wheels look beautiful

The ORVM has been replaced and it can be adjusted electrically and the stock turn indicator on the fender is now integrated in the ORVMs. The fender gets a chrome garnish to hide the spot. The SUV does not get a roof rail as the owner did not wanted that. It also misses out on features like a 360 degree camera and rear windshield wiper as per customer request. Moving to the rear, the SUV gets all LED tail lamps and the rear bumper have also been replaced.

Moving in, the SUV gets GT Line inspired black leatherette upholstery with red stitching. The car also gets an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system that supports wireless Apple CarPlay. The casing around the touchscreen is finished in gloss black. The system also shows feed from the rear parking camera. Cruise control has been activated and steering mounted audio control can also be seen here. Ambient lights have been installed and the door pads come with black coloured leatherette wrap on it. Overall, modification done on this SUV look elegant and the highlight is definitely the 18 inch alloy wheels.