Kia Seltos SUV with valvetronic exhaust & other modifications looks sporty [Video]

Kia Seltos is one of the popular mid-size SUVs in the Indian market. The SUV was launched in 2019 and ever since then it been among the top-selling SUVs in its segment. Kia Seltos is one of the commonly spotted SUVs on the road and just like any other car in the market, the Seltos also comes with a range of aftermarket accessories. There are many examples of modified Kia Seltos from different parts of the country and here we have a video where the owner has modified the SUV to look sporty.

The video has been uploaded by MIHIR GALAT on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the modifications that the owner has done to the SUV. He starts by asking why he chose Kia Seltos over other SUVs like Hyundai Creta which have been in the market for years now. The owner mentioned that he liked the bold staying of the SUV and he was also looking for something that looked different. He never bought this SUV with the intention to modify however, after buying it, he started experimenting with the looks.

Coming to the modifications, the owner has wrapped the bonnet of his Seltos with Psychedelic wrap. The bonnet and the ORVMs both get a similar wrap on them. The partially wrapped front-end on an otherwise white SUV stands out and definitely looks different from rest of the cars. This is not the top-end variant, so the SUV does not get any LED lights. The halogen projector has been replaced with LED units. The lower part of the front bumper gets an aftermarket splitter which is finished in gloss black and Red. The owner has also installed top-end variant ice cube-shaped LED fog lamps.

Kia Seltos SUV with valvetronic exhaust & other modifications looks sporty [Video]

Coming to the side profile, the car looks the same but, the roof has been blacked out. The stock 16 inch wheels that are available with the Seltos have been replaced with 18 inch aftermarket unit. The silver-coloured alloy wheel is a 5-spoke unit and the owner mentions that he does not feel that the ride quality of the car has got affected. Coming to the rear, the car gets an aftermarket spoiler mounted on the roof. The spoiler is not too wide and sits neatly within the width of the car. The rear also gets a diffuser which is again finished in black and red shade just like the spoiler.

Other than the exterior modifications, the owner has also upgraded the exhaust on this Seltos. He has installed a valvetronic exhaust which is extremely loud. The benefit of installing a valvetronic exhaust is that the driver can control the sound from the exhaust using a remote while sitting in the cabin. The owner has also tinted the windshield and windows which is completely illegal in India. He can be heard saying that the front windshield has 80 percent tint. Other than this, he says that he upgraded the touchscreen infotainment system in his Seltos which cost him around Rs 70,000. It is definitely a different looking modified Kia Seltos but, is it the best looking modified Kia Seltos, we cannot say so.

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