Kia Seltos borrows 10 ‘World car of the year features’ from the Telluride luxury SUV: Details

Kia launched the all-new Seltos in the Indian market last year and it remained the only car for a few months till the arrival of the Carnival. The Seltos single-handed-ly pushed Kia motors to make it one of the top-selling manufacturers in the Indian market.

Well, there are many reasons behind the success of the Seltos but one of the biggest reasons is the list of features in the car. Well, the Seltos shares many features with the latest World Car of the Year – Kia Telluride. What are these features? Here’s a list of them!

10.25-inch UVO Connect

20kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

Kia Seltos was the first car to offer the connected features in the segment. The 10.25-inch touchscreen system available with the Seltos what the Telluride offers too! The UVO system offers features like navigation, driving rearview monitor, split-screen view and more. It also offers vehicle management feature that can be used to check the key details of the car. Moreover, you can use the smartphone to control a lot of features wirelessly and also check the location of the car in real-time.

Surround-view monitor

22kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

This is the feature only high-end vehicles used to offer in the Indian market. The Kia Seltos is not the first car to offer the 360-degree monitor but it is the best system in the segment. Multiple cameras mounted on different locations provide accurate 360-view of the car.

7-inch coloured TFT

Kia Seltos Instrument Cluster

The Kia Seltos also offers a 7.0-inch coloured instrument cluster that provides important data to the driver. The feature is also available with the Telluride and it gives information like tyre pressure, blind view monitoring system and makes the cabin look futuristic.

Dedicated buttons for driver’s assistance on IRVM

If you face a breakdown on the road or require any kind of assistance, you can just press a button located on the IRVM of the Seltos. This will connect you directly with the Kia assistance who will provide you with necessary help at any time of the day.

Heads-Up Display

Kia Seltos 2

It is another feature that is reserved only for high-end vehicles. Kia Seltos offers the Heads-Up Display that shows all the important information in a way that the driver is not distracted at any point in time. It also reduces fatigue by providing all the information in the driver’s line of sight.

2nd Row sunshades

21kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

Sunshades are extremely important, especially in the harsh Indian weather conditions. The Seltos offers a sunshade for the rear windows that retracts neatly inside the door when not in use. Another sleek feature that is also available with the Telluride.

All-led lamps

16kia Seltos Petrol Diesel Review

The Kia Seltos offers all-LED headlamps, fog lamp and tail lamps. While they look extremely good on the car and make it look more premium, the LED lamps are very energy efficient too. The LED lamps have a higher life cycle than the regular halogen lamps, which make them cost-effective.

Ventilated seats


Another very useful features in the hot tropical climate of India. The ventilated seats help cooling down by recirculating cool air through the perforated seats. The Kia Seltos shares this feature with the Telluride too!

Blind View Monitor

In India, where the lane discipline is something that no one follows, there are high chances of accidents. Well, most accidents on the highways happen due to the blind spots. The Seltos just like the Telluride offers a blind-spot monitoring system that warns the driver about any vehicle in the blind spot zone.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Kia Seltos Tpms

Tyre pressure is something that is most neglected in cars and yet they are one of the most important aspects to remain safe on the roads. The Kia Seltos offers tyre pressure monitoring system that ensures that the tyres maintain optimal pressure and warn the driver about a leak as soon as it happens!