Kia Seltos 1.4 turbocharged petrol SUV: This is India’s first review [Video]

The Kia Seltos will be the next big launch that will happen in the Indian market. The test drive vehicles have started arriving at the Kia showrooms all over India. Many dealerships have also started offering test drives to prospective customers. Here is a first drive review of the Kia Seltos from India, which gives an overview of the car and how it feels to drive the vehicle.

The review comes from Rishabh Arora who got a test drive vehicle for the review. The variant that he drove is the 1.4-litre GT Line GTX+ variant, which is the top-end manual model of the vehicle. The car comes powered by the 1.4-litre turbocharged engine that develops a maximum power of 140 PS and peak torque of 242 Nm. It is available with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard while the customers can even choose the 7-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission. The vehicle used for the review is the manual version.

The first thing mentioned in the video in the comfort of the seats. According to the review, the seats are very well contoured and supports the body from all around. The seats of the Kia Seltos a good amount of support, which makes it the first choice for long-distance journeys. He then talks about the electrically adjustable seats that can be adjusted minutely for the perfect driving posture.

Kia Seltos 1.4 turbocharged petrol SUV: This is India’s first review [Video]

Later on, the review talks about how the vehicle offers a silent cabin and how smooth the engine is. The 1.4-litre engine is extremely smooth and is super silent. In fact, at the start of the video, when Rishabh was standing outside the vehicle, he mentions that the engine is switch on and there is zero noise. If the engine cannot be heard from the outside, the cabin surely is expected to be super silent.

He also mentions the engine power while driving the vehicle and how the gear ratios suit the city driving conditions as well as the highways. However, he did mention that starting to roll the vehicle will need to practise as the clutch bite is in a different location. However, since it is a new vehicle, it is quite possible that the clutch pedal needs to be adjusted.

The review also talks about the limited body roll that the vehicle offers and how it has the suspension adjusted to be on the slightly stiffer side. This ensures that the vehicle retains its line during the high speed turns and also changing lanes at high speed can do with more confidence. At one point, he also mentions that the camera starts showing in the direction when the turn indicator is activated. However, he did not show this on the screen.

The Kia Seltos gets a long list of features like the Smart Air Purifier, Bose speakers, UVO connected infotainment system, connected ambient lights, HUD, ventilated seats and more. The car will be launched on 22nd August but before that make sure that you do not miss our official review of the Kia Seltos on 9th August.

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