Kia Sonet gets stuck in mud: Rescued by old-gen Mahindra Thar [video]

We have seen several videos in the past where we have seen people taking crossovers or 2WD SUVs to off-road locations where it is  not supposed to be. In most of the videos, the SUVs get stuck and they are later rescued by other vehicles or people. We have mentioned it several times that it is not recommended to take front wheel drive SUVs off-road. Here we have a video, where a Kia Sonet SUV gets stuck while off-roading and it was later rescued using an old-generation Mahindra Thar.

The video has been uploaded by The Big Deal on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger along with his friend go to a river bed where a Kia Sonet got stuck in quicksand while off-roading. The driver of the SUV mentions that he was trying to test how capable the Kia Sonet is off the road. The surface looked like hard sand but it was not. The moment, driver started driving the SUV on it, the tyres started sinking in and the front wheel drive SUV could not do much. The Kia Sonet driver did try to bring the SUV out from the sand by putting stones in front of the tyres, so that, it gets some traction.

However, that did not help as the stone also sank in the sand. After several unsuccessfull trials, the owner realised that the SUV was not going to come out on its own and it needs to be pulled out. Vlogger had called his friend, who owns a off-road spec Mahindra Thar 700. The older-generation Mahindra Thar which was made in limited numbers. This full customised Mahindra Thar was simply towering over all the obstacles on the river bed without any problem. The Thar came to the spot and the driver assessed the situation.

Kia Sonet gets stuck in mud: Rescued by old-gen Mahindra Thar

They started looking for the quickest and easiest way to bring the SUV out without damaging the vehicle. Mahindra Thar driver pulls out the winch on his SUV and connects it to the tow hook on the front bumper. The front-end of the SUV was completely touching the sand in order to bring the Sonet out, people started removing the sand. Once that was done, the Thar driver, repositioned the SUV and started winching it out. The slowly starts to come out and within no time, the Kia Sonet is out from the pit. None of the panels suffered any damage.

In case of front wheel drive vehicles, the power is only sent to the front wheel and this means, it is not suitable for off-roading. In case, the SUV gets stuck it cannot come out on its own. This video also shows why it is important to always go out for such expeditions in groups. The Kia Sonet owner was exploring the place alone and did not have any back up recovery equipment or back up vehicle. In case, there was a back up vehicle, it would have easily pulled the SUV out before the situation got out of hand.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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