Kia Sonet hits truck: Live example of careless driving in the hills [Video]

People driving cars carelessly on the road is nothing new. We have come across several videos where these drivers have caused accidents due to reckless and careless driving. Every terrain requires a different type of driving style. While driving in the mountains, one needs to follow a different style than on the plains. We have seen several examples in the past where people have caused accidents on mountain roads due to carelessness. Here, we have one such video where a Kia Sonet SUV crashes into a truck in the hills.

The video has been shared by carlovers_07 on their Instagram page. It looks like the accident happened somewhere in Nepal. The video was recorded by a person who was passing through the same road. It seems that the car had just crashed into the truck. The Kia Sonet SUV’s front had collided with a truck that was coming downhill. We can clearly see that the accident happened on a curve, and the Kia Sonet was on the wrong side of the road.

We feel that the Kia Sonet driver was attempting to overtake a vehicle in front on a curve, which is very dangerous. As it was a curve, the Kia Sonet driver might not have seen the truck coming from the opposite direction. As the truck was coming downhill, it would have taken more time for it to stop as well. The front of the Kia Sonet SUV is completely damaged, and we can see smoke coming from the cabin of the SUV. It looks like the airbags were deployed, and the smoke is from that only.

Kia Sonet hits truck: Live example of careless driving in the hills [Video]
Kia Sonet accident

We can see passengers getting out of the Kia Sonet. It does not look like a high-speed crash, and the people inside the car also look unhurt. This video is a perfect example of how you should not behave while driving in the hills. In most countries, the hilly roads are often very narrow. One has to be extremely patient while driving a car on these winding roads. If you are driving downhill, priority must be given to the vehicles that are coming up, especially if it is a heavy vehicle like a truck or bus. You should stop so that they can climb up the section with ease. Driving such heavy vehicles on hilly roads is a challenge.

As mentioned above, there are several hairpin curves and blind turns on hilly roads. It is always a good idea to stick to your lane as you never know whether a vehicle is coming from the opposite direction or not. Unlike the Kia Sonet driver, it is always better not to take chances on such blind curves. In case you want to overtake, ensure that there is no vehicle coming from the opposite direction and also use proper signals to let other road users know about the overtake. Also, maintain a safe speed as you never know when you might have to apply brakes. While coming down, use engine braking to keep the speed of your car under control. Applying brakes excessively would lead to overheating of brake pads, and they might stop working too. Also, use low beam when driving at night as you don’t want to blind the drivers coming from the opposite direction.