Kia Sonet in an orange wrap is a head turner

Although modification is now illegal in India, we still have several modified cars and motorcycles in India. The modifications are what differentiate these vehicles from others on the road. That is also the reason why cops spot them easily. One of the most common type modification that has become popular in the recent times is the body wrap. The wrap is actually a plastic vinyl that can be wrapped on any car without bringing any damage to the original paint job. Here we have a video where a vlogger shares his experience along with positives and negatives of car wrap.

The video has been shared by Matuva Brothers on their YouTube channel. Vlogger had bought the 2021 Kia Sonet compact SUV and got it wrapped completely in an orange colour. He has been using the car like this for over 6 months and now shares his experience with the vehicle after wrapping.

He starts with the positives first. One of the first thing is the identity. Wrapping a car gives it a distinct identity. More colour options are available than the stock colours that manufacturer offers. You can choose a colour of your choice and can make it look different.

It protects the surface of the car from getting minor scratches or swirl marks. The vlogger even shows couple of places, where the car had minor scratches. The wrap actually took all the scratch and protected the original paint underneath. In case if you want to remove the wrap in future, this can be done without damaging the original colour underneath. As the wrap has been protecting the paint, the car would look like brand new.

Kia Sonet in an orange wrap is a head turner

The vlogger then moves to negatives. First thing that he speaks about wrapping is the price. Wrapping a car completely is expensive and he mentions that he paid around Rs 28,000 for wrapping his car. Next negative are the cops. The chances of cops stopping a car with an odd looking paint job or wrap is high. If you get stopped then you might be in trouble as the registration certificate mentions a different colour. There is still a lot of confusion in the air regarding whether you can actually wrap a car or not. The confusion is because, the wrap as the name suggests is just a wrap and the original colour of the car is right under it.

The vlogger also mentions that for almost the same price one could also go for PPF which would be a trouble free solution if you want to protect the original paint. If a the wrap on your car is very different from the original colour, then in case of a minor scratch, it is going to look odd. The owner will have to just repair that particular part which at times ends up looking even more odd. Last negative thing about wraps that he felt is that they are not reliable. He shows a portion on the rear door where the wrap has started to peel off without any reason. The life of a wrap completely depends upon the quality and the place from where you are getting it done. If not done by professionals, your wrap can end up having several issues in no time.