Kia Sonet with an eye-popping interior colour scheme looks wacky [Video]

Sub-4 meter SUVs are quite popular in Indian market and we have models like Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Hyundai Venue Kia Sonet, Nissan Magnite, Tata Nexon, Mahindra XUV300 in the segment. Kia Sonet is one of the popular sub-4 meter SUVs in the segment and it was launched in 2020. Like other Kia products, Sonet also became popular among buyers for its bold looks, features and attractive price tag. We have seen several modification and customisation videos related to Sonet on the internet. Here we have a video of Kia Sonet SUV with a very unique customisation theme for the interiors.

The video has been HER GARAGE on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to the owner of the Kia Sonet who is also a fellow YouTuber. The owner speaks about all the customisations that he has done to the cabin of the Kia Sonet. He also shares things that he liked and did not like about the Kia Sonet. The owner starts by talking about the Kia Sonet. He bought the Sonet 2 years back and he still feels that it is one of best value for money product in the market. He was driving the car in stock condition for 2 years and recently, he came across an Instagram video where the interior of a Rolls Royce was finished in Turquoise shade.

The owner really liked the colour and thought of doing a customisation based on the same colour in his Sonet. He spoke to couple of customisation garages and detailing shops about the same but, most of them rejected it initially. One such workshop, which is near his place agreed to do it but they needed time as this was something which was never done before. The owner left the car at the workshop for almost a week and after all the customisations, he got the car back and was very happy with the results.

Kia Sonet with an eye-popping interior colour scheme looks wacky [Video]

The whole cabin has been transformed. The cabin now gets a turquoise and black theme which looks elegant. The plastic panels on the door and the dashboard were all removed and painted in the desired colour to achieve an even look. Every panel in the cabin was removd and painted for this customisation work. The fit and finish of the work done looks very neat and the owner can be heard saying that, there are no rattling noises or loose bits anywhere in the cabin. The touchscreen infotainment system, instrument cluster, AC control panel and the center console in finished in gloss black. Similarly, the power window panels on the door also get black treatment.

The steering wheel on this Kia Sonet has been finished in turquoise and gloss black shade. The seat covers are custom made unit and the owner has opted for a velvet like material. The seat cover has black piping which highlights the edges of the seat neatly. The roof liner of this SUV has been replaced with black colour material. It also gets Rolls Royce like starlight roof. The owner mentions that he cleans the vehicle everyday to maintain the colour of the cabin. He spent almost Rs 60,000 for this customisations.

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