Kid doing homework on a moving scooter is the CRAZIEST thing you’ll see today [Video]

Watching lid-less riders speeding on the busy streets of our cities is quite a scary sight, right? Well, before you think you’ve have seen it all, here’s something that’ll make you drop your coffee. What we have below is a video from Tamil Nadu that shows a young woman riding her TVS Scooty with two kids in the tow. There’s a little girl standing on the footboard of the scooter while there’s a small boy, clad in a school uniform, who’s riding pillion. None of them are wearing a helmet. But wait, this isn’t all.

The video goes on to show a rather scary sight. The kid on the pillion seat can be seen doing his school assignment! Like we said, none of the riders are wearing a helmet. Moreover, that little kid, probably in primary school, can be seen trying hard to complete his school assignment. Now, this is as scary as it gets.

We really don’t need to mention that the kid can easily lose balance and fall. He can be seen sitting on the very edge of the seat, supporting himself with the help of the grabrail. However, it’s clearly evident that a little jerk is all that it’ll take to throw him off the scooter. This video is as scary as it is thought-provoking.

It’s really high time Indian two-wheeler users start using proper safety equipment. More than 50,000 two-wheeler users died in road accidents in 2016. Out of this, a large number of riders weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

While it’s the responsibility of the traffic police to nab such riders and slap a fine on them, every two-wheeler rider should really start using a helmet for his own benefit. Moreover, this particular video shows a small kid completing his school assignment on a moving scooter! It’s most likely that he would have been scared of facing the wrath of his teachers.

Hence, it made perfect sense for him to complete the assignment on his way to the school. However, this video also goes on to show the pressure even small kids face at the school. It’s a sad situation, really. We really wish this kid and his mum realize that taking safety precautions is far more important than escaping some punishment at the school.

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