Kid drives his electric car onto the main road: RESCUED by Vijayawada cops [Video]

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Underage driving is a major nuisance in India that also causes a lot of accidents on the Indian roads. However, in this bizarre incident, a five-year-old was stopped by cops when he took his electrified mini car on the public roads.

The incident took place at one of the busiest traffic junctions in Vijayawada – Benz Circle. The five-year-old wearing his bright yellow shirt and shorts drove the electric vehicle right onto the public road at the Benz circle, which caused a huge traffic jam. The motorists stopped all over to avoid an accident with the toy car, which in turn created a block on the road. The local traffic police reached the spot to ensure the safety of the boy.

The blue electric, battery-operated toy car of the kid can be controlled through remote or by the steering itself. The boy stayed at least a kilometer away from the spot and according to the reports, the child did not realize that he had left the house and is on the public road. A few pedestrians spotted the child and the Traffic SI Jagannath Reddy came to the spot to ensure that he is safe from the vehicular movement.

The video shows the boy crying without the knowledge of what is happening with the traffic cops and trying to converse with him. There is a huge gathering of the crowd around the kid which must have panicked the kid in the car. The police then took an autorickshaw and dropped the child to his home. However, by the time they arrived, the parents of the child had started looking for him and they had no idea of how he reached so far away from the home.

Kid drives his electric car onto the main road: RESCUED by Vijayawada cops [Video]

Speaking to The News Minute, the traffic police officer said,

He was coming in a battery-driven car around 9.15 -9.30 am towards Benz circle road from the Fakirguda side. He was stopped near Jyothi Mahal theater by the public. We then took an auto to take him to his house. As his battery car is so small, many people did not notice it with all the big vehicles around. A big danger was averted. Who knows where he would have gone if no one had observed,”

No one was booked for the incident but the DCP asked the parents to keep a strict eye on the child to avoid any such issue in the future. The incident could have turned dangerous for the child and other motorists on the road. Such electric toy vehicles are not allowed to legally ply on the roads in India. Parents should keep a watch on children with such toy cars and even cycles. Most of the children do not understand the dangers of doing such things as they are not mature enough and it is the duty of the parents to keep them safe.