Kid hangs out of rashly driven Volkswagen Taigun GT’s sunroof [Video]

It is no secret that nowadays, almost every car buyer insists on having a longer feature list, especially a sunroof. However, many car owners with sunroofs are not aware of how to use them properly and often end up performing dangerous and life-threatening maneuvers. Here is an example to illustrate this point.

The video shows India’s safest SUV, the Volkswagen Taigun, as it undergoes a crash test by Global NCAP. However, what catches attention is a child standing through the roof of another car in the video. Even the driver of that car appears to be driving recklessly.

Seeing the girl standing on the seat without any restraints is concerning because any sudden acceleration, movement, or braking could easily throw her off balance and out of the car, posing a serious risk to her life.


There have been several incidents in the past where such children standing out of the roof were involved in fatal accidents. In two similar cases, the children standing out of the sunroof were injured by the sharp thread that injured them fatally.

Standing out of a sunroof or any window of a moving vehicle is considered a dangerous stunt on public roads and is strictly illegal. In India, it is mandatory for all passengers to wear seatbelts while the car is in motion, and failing to do so can result in a substantial fine imposed by the police. There have been previous cases where motorists have been issued challans by the police for engaging in such unsafe behavior of coming out of the sunroof on public roads.

How to use sunroofs properly?

Sunroofs were once considered a luxury feature reserved for high-end cars, but in recent years, many affordable vehicles in India have started offering them. Sunroofs not only enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also provide a great way to enjoy fresh air while driving.

Kid hangs out of rashly driven Volkswagen Taigun GT’s sunroof [Video]

When driving at high speeds, keeping the windows open can cause direct air to hit your eyes, leading to potential problems. Sunroofs are designed to recycle the air inside the vehicle, reducing wind disturbance. However, some people use the sunroof opening to stand out from the vehicle, which is highly dangerous, especially for children. Sudden braking could eject them from the sunroof, and they could also get injured by debris like small stones from other vehicles or electric wires.

Lately, there has been a concerning increase in the trend of people popping out of sunroofs. In some cases, individuals have suffered injuries to their throats, necks, and heads due to kite strings and wires in their path. With the pleasant weather and holiday season, such instances are likely to happen more frequently. To address this issue and promote road and public safety awareness, the traffic police in Kolkata have been compelled to take legal action against such actions.

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