Kid in front seat hits Tata Punch windshield with head: Windshield cracks [Video]

Tata Punch has garnered numerous accolades and praise, primarily for its outstanding safety features. With its coveted 5-star rating earned in the Global NCAP crash tests, the Punch is widely regarded as one of the safest cars available in India. However, a recent incident shared on Reddit is drawing significant attention and has led some to question the safety of Tata Punch based on this particular occurrence.

The incident in question was posted on Reddit by an account named ‘carsindia‘. In the video shared by this Reddit user, a young child can be seen hitting the front windshield of a Tata Punch, resulting in a crack on the glass. The child is shown jumping on the front seat, and during this action, their head collides with the windshield, causing the crack. While the child remained uninjured, the windshield suffered damage that necessitates its replacement.

Although this video, depicting a child hitting the Tata Punch windshield and causing a crack, has ignited discussions among many online users, it’s important to note that such occurrences or human errors do not necessarily reflect a car’s safety standards. Windshields are delicate components susceptible to breaking under forceful impact, whether from a flying object or human action.

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Kid in front seat hits Tata Punch windshield with head: Windshield cracks [Video]

A car’s safety, including that of the Tata Punch or any other model, is assessed based on its structural integrity, not by the breaking of glass panels or the durability of body panels. Some individuals attempt to ‘test’ a car’s safety by tapping on its door panels, hood, or fenders, which is an incorrect approach. The true measure of a car’s build quality and safety lies in the strength of its frame structure or structural joints, a facet that can only be ascertained through crash tests conducted by organizations like Global NCAP.

Tata Punch stands out as one of the select vehicles to secure a five-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests. The sub-compact SUV from Tata Motors achieved a remarkable score of 16.49 out of 17 in adult occupant protection, making it one of the highest-scoring cars produced and sold in India.

However, one should know that according to the latest guidelines of Global NCAP, the Tata Punch is not eligible to get a 5-star rating. The Punch was tested with the old protocols and has been rated according to those guidelines.

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