Kid gets locked inside car; Rescued after 2 hours! [Video]

Leaving children inside the car is becoming a common practice. There have been quite a few reports of children getting rescued from the locked cars in India. Here is yet another incident that happened in Nangal, Punjab and the child was rescued after two hours.

Child locked inside a Hyundai Creta

The video uploaded by Hulchul TV shows a kid locked inside a Hyundai Creta alone. People can be seen gathered around the car trying to help the kid but there’s nothing they could do to help the child come out of the vehicle. How did it happen? Well, the parents of the kid left him alone inside the car. Fortunately, the car’s engine was running and the AC was turned on too, which ensured that the temperature inside the car remained comfortable throughout.

However, since the Hyundai Creta can be locked centrally, the kid inside the car must have pressed the lock button, which is positioned on the front armrest on the door. However, the kid did not realise how to unlock the car using the same button and got himself locked inside the vehicle. According to the locals who were present at the spot, they tried breaking down the window of the car but were not successful. Since modern cars come with laminated windows, breaking them can be a task. This is why every car owner should keep a window breaker handy, which can be very useful in breaking the window in case the doors are jammed after an accident.

After unsuccessfully attempting to break the window glass, the owner of the car reportedly went home to bring the duplicate key of the car. It took him more than two hours and the kid remained inside the vehicle all through. The kid remained inside the vehicle alone while people gathered around the car creating a panic situation for the kid.

There was a similar incident that happened in China sometime back and the video became viral. In that video, a small child got stuck inside an Audi sedan. People are in a similar situation and trying to make the kid unlock the vehicle from inside. After some time they were successful in doing so. The small child unlocked the car from inside and successfully came out. However, the kid inside the Creta received no such instructions from the people around.

Leaving children inside the car

Kid gets locked inside car; Rescued after 2 hours! [Video]

Leaving children and pets unattended inside a car can turn out to dangerous. In many foreign countries, there are rules against leaving the children and pets inside the vehicle. It does not matter if the vehicle’s AC is ON or off. If the AC of the car is not working, the children can suffocate due to heat. Also, the temperature inside the parked vehicles can rise much higher than the surroundings due to the greenhouse effect. In the past, many pets and even children have died due to the extreme heat inside the vehicle.

If the vehicle is turned on, the child can get locked out as seen in the videos above. Also, the kid can disengage the hand brake and make the vehicle move on its own. Many modern cars also offer e-parking brake, which is much easier to disengage too. In any circumstances, a child should not be left inside a car unattended and the same goes for the pets.

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