Kid mimicking Youtubers with Maruti Grand Vitara-MG Astor comparo is hilarious [Video]

Many young people have taken up content creation as a full-time job, and they often produce great content as well. Social media, which has become an integral part of most of our lives, influences us in many ways. Be it fashion, content creation, or, in some cases, these videos often determine our purchasing decisions. Many people create videos related to cars and bikes, and some of them are good, while others are not. Here, we have a hilarious video of a kid mimicking YouTubers by comparing Maruti Grand Vitara and MG Astor SUVs.


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The video has been shared by btechrider on his Instagram page. In the short video that has now gone viral on the internet, we see a small kid standing in front of a Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and an MG Astor. It is not actually a review or a comparison video. The kid might have been impressed with the way the vlogger or YouTuber was doing the video and wanted to do it herself. In this small video that has surfaced online, the kid can be seen comparing both the SUVs in a fun manner.

Kid mimicking Youtubers with Maruti Grand Vitara-MG Astor comparo is hilarious [Video]
Kid mimicking YouTubers

She can be heard saying that both MG Astor and Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara have tires and both of them have glass. By glass, she refers to the windshield and windows and explains the same in the clip. She also mentions that both SUVs come with brakes and then runs away to the rear of the car and makes a noise to mimic as if she was explaining something. We won’t be surprised if one day the same kid is seen doing an actual review of cars and bikes after growing up.

MG Astor

Coming to Astor, it is the entry-level model from MG in India. The SUV was launched in the market a few years ago, and the price for the same starts at Rs 10.52 lakh, ex-showroom, and goes up to Rs 18.43 lakh, ex-showroom. Like other MG products, Astor is also a feature-loaded car in its segment. The higher variant of the SUV comes with features like adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, AEB, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention, Blind Spot detection, Rear drive assist, and so on. It also comes with a panoramic sunroof, touchscreen infotainment system, 360-degree parking camera, air purifier, heated ORVMs, personal assistant, and iSmart connected car technology.

Kid mimicking Youtubers with Maruti Grand Vitara-MG Astor comparo is hilarious [Video]

MG Astor is offered with two petrol engine options. There is a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine that generates 110 Ps and 144 Nm of peak torque. The 1.3-liter turbocharged petrol engine generates 140 Ps and 220 Nm of peak torque. This engine is only offered with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

Maruti Suzuki launched the Grand Vitara SUV in the market last year. It was developed jointly with Toyota in India. Grand Vitara is offered with several features that were never seen on a Maruti before. The higher variants get a panoramic sunroof, HUD, 360-degree camera, strong hybrid system, ventilated front seats, and so on.

Kid mimicking Youtubers with Maruti Grand Vitara-MG Astor comparo is hilarious [Video]
Maruti Suzuki Grand Vittara

Maruti Suzuki is offering Grand Vitara with two petrol engine options. There is a 1.5-liter, naturally aspirated petrol engine that is paired with a mild hybrid system. This engine is offered with a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission option. The strong hybrid version of Grand Vitara uses a 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder petrol engine along with an electric motor for better fuel efficiency. The strong hybrid version is only available with an e-CVT gearbox.