Kid tries to jump the Mahindra Scorpio: Results aren’t pretty [Video]

Off-roading events are exciting and often after we get to see moves and jumps by the professionals, we try to replicate them. Here is a video where a child inside a Mahindra Scorpio tries to make it jump but could not control the vehicle afterwards and it ends up in a pool.

The exact location of this video remains unknown but the video clip has become viral on social media platforms. The video shows a Mahindra Scorpio using road banking as a ramp to initiate a jump. The vehicle jumps make the jump and get some good airtime too.

No one anticipated what happened. Since there was not enough room after the Scorpio landed in the room, the driver could not stop the vehicle in time. It went to the other side of the road and fell into a pond. The Scorpio seems like it is stuck there and will require some heavy equipment to rescue it.

Driven by a minor

Kid tries to jump the Mahindra Scorpio: Results aren’t pretty [Video]

While we cannot confirm the exact age but when the cameraman shows the driver of the Scorpio, he seems like a young kid. It seems like a village and the Scorpio belongs to the family of the child. Often such families allow the minors to operate vehicles without caring much about the laws and how things can go wrong.

Minors driving is a major offence in India. In fact, the new MV Act addresses this issue very strictly. According to the laws, law enforcement can hold the parents responsible in case of a minor getting caught while driving or riding.

The new section in the law, which came into effect in September 2019, minors may have to wait till the age of 25 to get a learner’s license if they are caught underage. The new 199A and the 199B of the Act say that there is a fine of Rs 25,000 and imprisonment of up to three years for the parents. As for the minor, the law says that the minor will have to wait for the age of 25 to get a learner’s licence, which is what you get before the permanent driving license in India.

Jumps can damage the vehicles

Such jumps can severely damage the suspension of the vehicle. Also, making such jumps can cause major alignment issues. Professionals who do such stunts regularly use a high-end suspension set-up that is not available with any of the mass-segment cars.

The first rule of off-roading is to save the car before anything else. In off-roading, professionals drive as slow as possible to ensure that the car does not take much damage and it remains fit for other sessions too.