Kids BREAK Corona lockdown on pocket bikes for good cause: BUSTED, and let off [Video]

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in India, the government has kept country under a lockdown. Under the lockdown, no one is allowed to leave their homes and go outside except for essential work. Well, two kids on their respective pocket bikes tried going out and helping the needy by making donations. But soon, the cops caught them for getting out of their homes without a good reason. Here are the details.

The kids from the Kids Bike channel got out of the home on their respective pocket bikes – one dirt bike and a fully faired bike to make donations. However, the cops caught both the kids soon after leaving the home. The cops stopped both the kids and started asking them reasons for coming out of the home. After questioning, the cops advised them to go back home and not come out like this. The kids donated Rs 5,000 to the cops so that they can use the money to feed the hungry people.

However, they also wanted to make a video of their donations and put it on YouTube to make it popular, which is why they came out on their bikes. The cops also introduce them in the video and call their names. If everyone starts doing such stunts in their neighbourhood to create youtube videos, the situation may go out of hand. Coming out of homes for donating money and making videos out of it can backfire.

Kids BREAK Corona lockdown on pocket bikes for good cause: BUSTED, and let off [Video]

The kids seen in the video are quite popular on the video-sharing platform and have a huge following. They take the bikes to various places and even off-roading to make viral videos online. While their intention of donating the money might be extremely generous, the way of doing it was not very appreciative. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the whole country is under lockdown and people are advised to stay home to ensure that the virus does not affect the healthy people and breaks the chain.

If such videos of people donating become viral, more people will try to do such things and go out, which will defeat the purpose of a lockdown. The cops did not issue a ticket the kids or anything but many state police forces across India has started imposing fines and have also started seizing the vehicles. In Bangalore, the cops have seized the vehicles and have said that they will return it only after 14th April, when the lockdown is scheduled to end. Also, pocket bikes are not road legal. They can be seized by the cops even if there is no lockdown. Pocket bikes are not approved by RTO but they can be used on private properties like a racetrack, private ground, farmhouses and similar properties owned by the individuals.

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