Kids fined for not wearing helmet: Father lies on road in protest [Video]

Gujarat is one of the many states that has modified the newly implemented MV Act in India to relief the citizen from heavy fines. However, there are still many motorists who are not happy about the fines and are protesting about against the fines. Here is a video of an incident from Gujarat where a biker can be seen protesting against the fine by lying down on the road.

The video from Vadodara, Gujarat shows a common man lying down on the middle of the road and he is surrounded by the journalists and the cops. The incident happened after the man was caught riding the motorcycle with his kid without a helmet. According to the video, the kid was on his way to college when the cops stopped at a traffic signal for not wearing the helmet and issued a fine. The person failed to show the registration papers and the insurance of the motorcycle that he was riding to the cops. Due to the absence of the papers, the cops issued a heavier fine. The report also says that the cops decided to seize the bike of the person.

The exact amount of the fine is not known but it seems like that the father did not want to pay for the fine and started protesting on the road and created a scenario. The man then said on the video that what the cops did was not legal and he was only going to the college to drop his kid. Which is why he protested on the spot. The person can also be heard on the video saying that they ride on a slow speed inside the city limits and helmet is not needed for such cases.

Kids fined for not wearing helmet: Father lies on road in protest [Video]

In many states, pillion rider must wear a helmet on the public roads. This rule is exempted for the religious turbans for Sikhs and skull caps worn by the Muslims. However, in Gujarat, after the motorists protested against the new MV Act, the government decided to do away with the mandatory helmet rule for the pillion rider.

A helmet is a must for the safety of the rider and the pillion in India. A helmet can save from crucial head injuries during accidents. It should be noted that during an accident if the head hits the road first, it can cause a fatal injury. India has the largest number of two-wheelers in the world and most numbers of accidents involve the two-wheelers only. The two-wheeler riders should always wear a proper helmet that is strapped securely. In many cities, the cops specifically check the helmet strap and fine the rider is it is not securely strapped.