King Cobra gets under the bonnet of Maruti Alto parked outside house: Rescued by snake handler [Video]

Recently, a lot of videos and articles related to wild animals and reptiles attacking people and being found in human-inhabited areas have been circulating online. Stories of wild elephants attacking farmlands and destroying vehicles have been featured several times on our website. Similarly, reptiles like snakes have been rescued from cars and other vehicles. Here, we have a video from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, where a king cobra was rescued from a car parked outside a house.

The video was shared by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. According to the video report, the snake had taken shelter inside a Maruti Alto car belonging to Adbul Wahabuddin, a resident of Kavadi Moola, Kotoor, Trivandrum, which was parked outside their house. When the family saw the king cobra crawl into the car, they immediately informed the forest department, who arranged a snake handler from the area.

The snake handler, Ratheesh, came with the necessary equipment and opened the car bonnet to locate the snake. He carefully pulled the snake out by its tail. As per the report, the rescued snake was a five-year-old female king cobra. It was taken back to the forest department headquarters, and its health and condition would be checked before releasing it into the wild.

King Cobra gets under the bonnet of Maruti Alto parked outside house: Rescued by snake handler [Video]

Reptiles, like snakes, are cold-blooded animals that come out in search of heat to maintain their body temperature when the environment gets cold. The engine bay area of a car might be dry and warm, making it a perfect place for snakes to seek shelter. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, never attempt to remove the snake on your own, as it can be dangerous. Last year, there was a similar incident in Kerala, where a king cobra got inside the Tata Nexon of a person from Kottayam district. Few months ago, a Cobra snake was rescued from a car in Maharashtra. It was found in a moving car ad when the driver realised the danger, he immediately stopped the car in the middle of the road and called for help. The snake was found in a gap between the engine bay and cabin. The snake handler carefully pulled the snake out and released it in the jungle nearby.

Handling animals like this involves risks. A snake like the king cobra is extremely venomous, and it is always best to call professionals instead of trying to remove the snake yourself. There are a few things you can do to avoid such situations. First of all, never park your vehicle near tall bushes, as snakes can use them to climb inside easily. It is always a good idea to check under the car and engine bay before leaving, especially if snakes are common in your area. Make sure you also check the car’s interior before starting a journey. If you find a snake inside the car, try not to panic. Slow down and park the car on the roadside, and call for help. As mentioned above, never attempt to handle the snake yourself, and inform the concerned authorities.