Massive King Cobra living inside a parked Maruti WagonR rescued by forest officers [Video]

We have come across several incidents in the past where reptiles like snakes have crawled into a vehicle and got too comfortable. In many cases, people don’t even realise that they have been driving the car with a venomous reptile in it. Later when they realise the danger, the owner immediately locates the animal and get in touch with the concerned authorities to rescue it. Here we have one such video from Kerala where a massive King Cobra snake living inside a car for two days was rescued by Forest Department officers.

The video has been uploaded by Mathrubhumi News on their YouTube channel. The incident was reported from Kerala’s Palakkad district. The car belongs to Mr. Kunjumon and he was not using the car for the last couple of days. The car was parked outside his house and Kunjumon noticed some noise from inside the parked car. This made him do a quick inspection of the car. The car seen in the video looks like a Maruti WagonR and during the inspection, he found a large snake inside his car. He immediately informed the Forest Department about the snake.

The owner of the car, even opened the doors of the car to see if the snake would come out of the car on its own. The snake did not come out and finally when the Forest Officers came with their team, they rescued the snake from the car. As mentioned above, it was a huge snake that was approximately 10 years old and weighed around 30 kg. Snakes like King Cobra are extremely dangerous and people living in the area were actually lucky that the snake did not harm anyone. There have been several incidents, where snakes have crawled into the engine bay or even cabin of a car.

Massive King Cobra living inside a parked Maruti WagonR rescued by forest officers [Video]

Reptiles like snakes are cold-blooded animals. When the environment gets cold, they often come out in search of heat to maintain their body temperature. It is quite possible that the snake might have crawled into the car in search of a dry and warm place. When the car is driven, the engine of the car heats up and that provides them comfort. The snake would only come out when it gets extremely hot. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, never attempt to get the snake out on your own as it can be dangerous. Last year we had a similar incident in Kerala where a King Cobra got inside the Tata Nexon of a person from Kottayam district.

The snake had got into the car in Nilambur, Malappuram district. The owner informed the Forest officials and after they came the snake went under the battery and made it difficult to come out. He even washed the underbody of the car with diesel to ensure that the snake gets out. When it did not come, he thought the snake had moved out and he drove the car back home which was around 240 km away from Nilambur. After a week, the owner found the snake skin under the body of his car and soon he heard news about a snake in his locality. The snake was later reduced by professionals.