King Cobra travels 240 kms, lives over a week inside Tata Nexon’s engine bay

There have been many incidents in the past where venomous snakes were found in cars. In all these cases, the snake was immediately located and rescued by concerned authorities. Here we have a report from Kerala where a King Cobra travelled in a Tata Nexon for over 240 km and lived in the engine bay for over week before finally getting caught from a nearby house. The video of the snake getting caught has already surfaced online and the owner of the Tata Nexon SUV is seen explaining the whole incident.

The video has been uploaded by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. The video shows how officials from the Forest Department caught the snake. In this video, reporter also talks to the owner of the Tata Nexon in which the snake lived for over a week. The owner of the Tata Nexon, Sujith is a resident of Arpookara in Kottayam district. Sujith had travelled to Nilambur, Malappuram district in his Tata Nexon on August 2. Sujith saw a King Cobra getting in his car while it was parked in Nilambur.

He called Forest Department officials to take the snake out. It had entered the engine bay and the car was sitting next to the battery. When the officials came to rescue the snake, it went under the battery which made things difficult for them. The officers asked Sujith to start the car and they thought that once the engine gets too hot, the snake would slide out on its own. That did not happen, so they simply parked the car for couple of days which would give snake time to come out. After couple of days, the owner took the car to a service station and got the car lifted to check the underbody.

King Cobra travels 240 kms, lives over a week inside Tata Nexon’s engine bay

He even washed the car with diesel to make sure that the snake comes out if it has not. After doing all these things, he did not find any snake in his car and he thought that the snake might have moved out. Although, he did not see the snake move out, he was still not completely convinced with the narrative. He still drove the car back to his home in Arpookara which is around 240 km away from Nilambur. He kept on checking the car before driving it out. He did not find anything. After a week, he found snake skin hanging out under his car and that is when he realised that the snake was still there in his car.

He called snake rescue team in his area and started searching for snake. The bumper was taken off to check the car but, the snake was nowhere to be seen. Couple of days after that, Sujith heard that a snake has been spotted in a house nearby. As the locals were already aware about the King Cobra story, they called Sujith to confirm if it was the same snake. Sujith confirmed that it looked similar to what he had seen in his Nexon and the Forest Department officers said that it was a King Cobra which is not normally found in their area. The snake was caught and taken away by the officers. King Cobra is an extremely venomous snake. Sujith and people living in the area where extremely lucky that, it did not harm anyone. If you find yourself in such a situation, never try to handle things on your own and call for professional help.