Governor Kiran Bedi on the street, scolding bikers for not wearing helmet! (Video)

Dr Kiran Bedi, lieutenant governor of Puducherry is often in news on how she handles the matters of the state. Her team uploads videos of how she works in the union territory and her interactions with the public servants. In a recently uploaded video, she can be seen spreading traffic awareness on the roads of Puducherry.

The retired IPS became an active politician and a social worker a few years back. Kiran Bedi has been spotted in various places where she can be heard giving lessons to work properly to the public servants. In the latest video, she can be seen on the streets on the union territory and giving advice to the commuters. Kiran Bedi stopped several people who were not wearing a helmet and asked them to wear the helmet. She also stopped the triple-riding motorists and even the parents who made the kids stand in the front of the scooters. She told them how a fall can injure all of them and how dangerous it is to accommodate a larger number of people than the stipulated two persons on a two-wheeler.

No one could be spotted issuing fines to the motorists but it was mostly an awareness drive where people were given lessons on the importance of the following the rules. Most of the two-wheelers were without a helmet in the video and Kiran Bedi can be seen asking the riders on the missing headgear. All the motorists stopped on seeing the lieutenant governor and the impact made by her was huge. She is a recognised and famed persona and on seeing her doing the job caught all the attention on the roads of the Union Territory.

Not wearing a helmet can cause life-threatening injuries during an accident. It should be noted that the Indian roads see a major number of accidents each year and most of them turn fatal due to no helmets. Many commuters give reasons like their hairstyle will go bad or they lose hair when they helmet. However, it is mandatory by law for the rider and the pillion to wear a helmet. Anyone not wearing a helmet can be penalized. However, due to the lack of police force and awareness among the commuters, there are many who still prefer to ride without a helmet.

State police forces across India have done various campaigns in the past to spread awareness in India. At times, the cops have distributed free helmets and have even distributed roses to the culprits to spread the helmet awareness. In the latest form of awareness, Delhi police have started showing mirrors to the helmet-less commuters and asking them questions on safety on placards.

The state police forces have adopted many different innovative ways to spread awareness instead of issuing fines to such commuters. In the long run, we may get to see all the commuters wearing helmets and using the seatbelts in the cars but that’s not the case at the moment and it is causing thousands to lose their lives on the roads every year.