Kolkata Traffic police constable gives shelter to stray dogs under his umbrella in pouring rain: Wins praise

Internet has now become an integral part of our lives. We scroll through n number of pictures and videos on social media platforms daily. One such image that is currently circulating on the internet is of a police officer giving shelter to two stray dogs under his umbrella while doing his duty. The picture comes from Kolkata and the picture is of a traffic constable of Kolkata Police. The picture became viral on the internet and it was also shared by Kolkata Police on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Traffic Police officers often have to work through extreme whether conditions to keep the traffic on the road moving.

Just like many parts of country. Kolkata is also getting heavy rains and this has impacted the lives of people living here. Getting out for work and other daily chores have become difficult due to continuous rains. Even in such unfavourable weather conditions, traffic police officers continue to do their job and Tarun Kumar Mondal was one such officer doing his duty.

Tarun Kumar was controlling traffic at Kolkata’s seven point crossing in Park Circus. It was raining continuously and is seen holding an umbrella on his hand. Although that in itself is a great sight, netizens caught their eye on something else in the picture. In this picture, Tarun Kumar is holding an umbrella and under his umbrella two stray dogs have  taken shelter to escape from the rain.

Just like humans, the rain has also affected the lives of these animals and Tarun Kumar continued to do his duty while the dogs were sitting right next to them. The picture was shared on social media and the caption says, “A roof over my head. Many of you may already have seen this image of a few stray dogs sheltering under the umbrella of one of our colleagues, which went viral today. This is simply to let you know that the photograph was taken today near Park Circus seven-point crossing, featuring on duty Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal of East Traffic Guard, and his unexpected companions.”

Kolkata Traffic police constable gives shelter to stray dogs under his umbrella in pouring rain: Wins praise

The post shared on Kolkata Police’s official Facebook page has already received over 38,000 likes and over 10,000 shares. People really liked the picture and the same is seen in the comment section of the post as well. Such non-selfish acts are not going viral on the internet for the first time.

Recently, a traffic cop from Pune City police, Nikhil Krishna Nagawade was appreciated by locals and senior police officers for removing garbage from the road. Just like in Kolkata, Maharashtra has also seen heavy rains this year and the garbage on the road was blocking the water from flowing into the drainage.

The traffic police office saw the water level increasing and that was also slowing down the traffic movement causing jams. The officer came forward found the reason behind this water logging and removed the garbage that was blocking the flow of water to drainage. Once the garbage was removed, the water level decreased and the flow of traffic became smooth as well.