KTM 125 Duke vs Yamaha FZ-S in a drag race: Surprising result [Video]

The Yamaha FZ-S and the KTM Dule 125 are two bikes that are differentiated from each other by several factors. First, the KTM Duke here is a 125 cc engine bike whereas the Yamaha FZ-S is a 150 cc engine bike. The former is designed and meant to be outright sporty whereas the latter is meant to be a relaxed commuter, though it’s butch looks may suggest otherwise. Despite the interesting contrast, the question here arises that which of the two wins when pitted against each other in a drag race. The video by DV answers just that. Take a look at it before we move further towards the results.

The result of this video, as you might have seen, is quite unexpected. In the video, we see a total of four rounds of drag being conducted. In three of those, the KTM 125 Duke came out as victorious. The one round where it lost was probably because of a missed gear as apparent in the video. This really showcases the baby Duke’s capabilities and goes on to show that it is a baby just for the KTM family.

Ktm Duke Vs Fz

The first round is easily won by the baby Duke. The next round is then again won by the Duke. In the third round, the riders switch bikes and in this round, the FZ-S takes the crown. The reason for this, as already mentioned, was a gear miss by the Duke’s rider. In the fourth round, the Ktm 125 Duke again wins driving the point home that it is, in fact, the quicker bike here. There are many reasons for this result but first, let’s take a look at their engines.

Ktm Duke Vs Yamaha Fz

Talking about the KTM 125 Duke first, it is powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 124.7 cc cylinder that generates a maximum power of 14.5 Bhp and a peak torque of 12 Nm. It is a fuel-injected engine, which makes it pretty smooth and fuel-efficient. It gets a 6-speed transmission. Coming to the Yamaha FZ-S, it is powered by a 149 cc engine that churns out 13 Bhp of power along with 12.8 Nm of torque. The air-cooled engine comes mated to a 5-speed transmission. Note that the FZ-S used here is a Version 2.0 model.

Clearly, the KTM 125 Duke (14.5 Bhp) has more power than the Yamaha FZ-S (13 Bhp) which creates a lot of difference. Despite being a smaller displacement unit, the KTM 125 Duke’s engine is an absolute firebreather. Further, the KTM 125 Duke is meant to be a sporty bike with quick acceleration along with a good top end and its gearing ratios have been set in a manner to help with that. The Yamaha FZ-S, on the other hand, is more of a relaced commuter bike with gearing ratios that are set to allow a smooth riding experience. In the end, the KTM 125 Duke is the winner here in terms of performance.

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